A week of symfony #227 (2->8 May 2011)

Symfony2 developers continued this week working hard to ease Doctrine2 integration: DoctrineBundle gained a new Registry class, a smarter command to generate entities and a way easier YAML configuration. Meanwhile, the Serializer component was refactored and some exceptions were improved.

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Symfony2 development highlights


  • 11cdff9: [FrameworkBundle] refactored container:debug command (use a dumper to serialize the container into the cache and don't display abstract services)
  • 1cd83c9: [AsseticBundle] fixed _controller/ prefix when dumping assets
  • d05c592: [HttpKernel] prevent errors leaking out in the console on windows
  • 25d7009: [FrameworkBundle] treat all log messages >=ERR as errors
  • a56ea15: [MonologBundle] added support for new Monolog log level
  • d0e31b8: changed Application to have nice error messages when something bad happens early on the CLI
  • 838853e: [HttpKernel] log 500+ errors as critical and not error (this allows to filter easily between 404 type of responses and real errors in applications)
  • 6b5438a, 014b190: [DoctrineBundle] introduced a Registry class. The Registry knows all connections and entity managers declared into a service container. The Registry is available via the 'doctrine' service and it can be used to get connections and entity managers by name.
  • d2a9b23: [Routing] fixed routing when a pattern has only one segment which is an optional variable
  • 0139a80: [HttpKernel] prevented output on the console when running the test
  • ca4c135, ec226cd, 0cdd6ca: [DoctrineBundle] made doctrine:generate:entities smarter (now it's able to generate classes based on a bundle name, a class name, or a namespace. It also generates the repository class when possible)
  • 27d02a7: [Routing] fixed regression (/ should not be matched by /{foo} when foo has no default value)
  • 0147df6: added translation for European Portuguese (Portugal)
  • 2c28767: [DependencyInjection] fixes a bug when requesting a definition that uses property injection
  • 17aa0ed: changed the default httpOnly value for cookie for better security out of the box
  • f7808de: [DoctrineBundle] moved more DIC definition into orm.xml
  • 1cfed9e: added translation for Estonian
  • eb50d76: [Form] fixed variable scope when entering nested form helpers. The consequence of this commit is that variables are accessible that have been passed to a surrounding form helper
  • 86d0ddb: [DoctrineBundle] split Registry::getEntityManager() in two methods (instead of implicitly reset an entity manager when it is closed, the developer should reset it by hand if he thinks that this is possible)
  • bf1dfbb: [Form] the form component should now guarantee to always pass an UploadedFile object to your model. There you can call getOriginalName() to retrieve the original name of the uploaded file.
  • 3cc5d9f: [Form] split the option modifiable of the collection type into allow_add and allow_delete
  • 74cca63: [Form] CSRF fields are not included in the children of a FormView anymore if the view is not the root
  • ae46150: [HttpFoundation] added support for X-Forwarded-Port request header
  • b7c8442, d9299e9, dfd5b65: [DoctrineBundle] made Doctrine metadata configuration easier (you can now configure your Doctrine metadata in one single file named 'doctrine')
  • aba8f1e: [ClassLoader] added a debug class loader
  • 0f0e581: [HttpKernel] added a Kernel::init() method
  • ca3c5e6: moved ErrorHandler management to the distributions
  • 3f69333: [HttpKernel] refactored the ErrorHandler class
  • 486ecdc: [Config] some exception improvements
  • daeedb5, 62c0b10: search engines should not index Profiler and Exceptions pages
  • ec1199e: [Serializer] updated SerializerInterface
  • 919f16a: [Serializer] added support for Traversable objects
  • ded30a2: [Serializer] split supports in supportsNormalization and supportsDenormalization

New plugins

  • sfPhpThumb: simple plugin phpthumb.gxdlabs.com. You can generate resized image and also cache it.
  • stPhpConsole: integrates Symfony Framework with Google Chrome extension "PHP Console" and PhpConsole class.

Updated plugins

  • psToolbox:
    • fixed a bug affecting IE
    • fixed a serialize problem
  • sw2DecorationToolkit:
    • force the menu to be on top
  • ddOnlineStore:
    • add more filters in product
  • sfDoctrineActAsTaggable:
    • added a few classnames to the tag lists so that they can share the CSS for used for the buttons
  • cleverFilesystem:
    • changed repository layout
  • apostropheFormBuilder:
    • doUpdateObject of aFormBuilder now calls the parent doUpdateObject
  • apostrophe:
    • helpers will be shared by all less stylsheets
    • cacheVirtualPage and cacheVirtualPages now return the page or pages cached
    • added sprited buttons
    • tag sidebar updated to use re-factored "tags are really buttons" code

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