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A week of symfony #229 (16->22 May 2011)

This week Symfony2 development achieved another remarkable milestone: the official repository received its 1,000th pull request. Meanwhile, Doctrine bridge added a very convenient unique validator, Form component renamed, removed and simplified some properties and methods and lots of exceptions were renamed in other components.

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights


  • 39efc49: [Form] implemented a fluid interface FormView
  • 336c57d: [DoctrineBundle] refactored doctrine:schema:* command descriptions
  • e7e5304: forced all responses to have a Date header (RFC2616 - 14.18)
  • 663f8a0: [AsseticBundle] added configuration for cssembed filter
  • 914620f, b645278: [Form, Security] renamed CSRF page_id to intention
  • 02e77ec: [Routing] moved Matcher exceptions
  • b7c417f: [Bridge/Twig] removed the possibility to pass a message to the transchoice tag
  • 0168241: [DependencyInjection] renamed NonExistentParameterException and NonExistentServiceException to ParameterNotFoundException and ServiceNotFoundException
  • 2cd0454: [Routing] renamed some exceptions
  • 1a49296: [FrameworkBundle] updated extension to use replaceArgument() rather than a parameter
  • 84d5cbf: [AsseticBundle] added a --force option to assetic:dump --watch
  • e65a453: [AsseticBundle] made --watch sleep period a command option
  • cfc2471, 8ff1d09, 86f9b17, 23cf63d, a4f1b8a: [Doctrine] added Unique Validator
  • ba31b5a: [Form] moved CSRF options from types to the CSRF extension
  • ebb0e83: [Form] added CSRF documentation and a few CS changes
  • 0687aad: fixed form configuration when no session is available
  • a15e846: added a way to disable forms and forced validation to be enabled when forms are enabled
  • 1f0ffca: [HttpKernel] fixed empty ETags showing up in requests to the backend when using HttpCache
  • b39a21f: [Form] renamed collection option "type_options" to "options" to be consistent with the repeated type
  • f467317: [Form] renamed view variable 'name' to 'full_name'. The variable 'name' now contains the local, short name (equivalent to $form->getName())
  • 520e376: [Form] removed unused option 'pattern' of date and time type
  • a7ff4f4: [Form] further simplified PropertyPath code
  • 829aa4d: [Locale] improved error reporting and added stubs for intl_is_failure(), intl_get_error_code() and intl_get_error_message()
  • 13a964a: [Form] Form::isBound() and Form::isValid() work correctly now for read-only forms
  • 65ed6f7: added support for request method overriding via X-HTTP-Method-Override
  • 7eeb945: [AsseticBundle] fixed various bugs in PHP templating and added new 'combine' option
  • e74c6ed: [AsseticBundle] added config for packager filter
  • fa248e0: [AsseticBundle] added config for cssimport filter
  • e6d929a: [HttpFoundation] added __toString() method for Cookies
  • f9b6c8b: [HttpFoundation] included cookie headers in string representation
  • fd6c254: [HttpFoundation] changed checking for deleted cookie to be conform with setcookie()
  • 5ad2ff0: [Console] added the possibility to pass a default value for DialogHelper::askAndValidate()
  • f3b92cb: [FrameworkBundle] renamed Mustache to Generator and moved it to a new Generator sub-namespace
  • e0ff7d2: [Form] tweaked the field type
  • eb10c66: [Twig/Form] optimized form rendering

New plugins

  • sfJwtPhpUnit: JPUP boasts robust database handling, unlimited extensibility over Symfony's sfBrowser class and user-friendly tasks for running collections of tests.
  • sfNiceForms: implements Niceforms v2.0.
  • sfTIMdetection: enables Tera-Wurfl device detection in your application. Upon detection you can assing special actions to be performed like redirect, add global vars or override views.
  • cpDatePicker: provides a date picker widget based on Kelvin Luck's jQuery Datepicker, as well as other related utilities.
  • alBBCodeParser: BBCode parser.
  • cpFormulate: adds convenience methods to the sfForm class.
  • cpUniForm: allows the rendering of forms using the UniForm CSS framework.
  • cpTcpdf: provides the FPDI and TCPDF library, along with several convenience methods.
  • cpDataTables: includes the dataTables jQuery plugin.
  • cpTwig: includes the symfony Twig library into your project.
  • cpCloudFront: provides helpers for including assets via AWS's CloudFront service.
  • cpPropelAdminGenerator: an alternative admin generator for the Propel ORM.
  • cpJwysiwyg: provides an HTML text editor widget based on the Jwysiwyg jQuery plugin.
  • cpJqmodal: provides convenience methods to include a modal pup window based on the Jqmodal jQuery plugin.

Updated plugins

  • sfDoctrineActAsSignable:
    • updated README and relased 1.2.2 version
  • ddOnlineStore:
    • added i18n in some texts
    • added methods to the classes
  • sfDatePickerTime:
    • created version with bugfixes based on Pear package
    • generated pear package
  • pmPropelGenerator:
    • fixed error with the 'show_when' parameter in custom list actions
    • tabifier won't start unless two or more fieldsets are found
    • fixed CSS of filters
    • adding an extra empty partial afeter each row
  • apostrophe:
    • drastic memory usage improvement for sitewide search
    • importer knows not to try to put virtual pages in the page tree (critical for blog import)
    • aSql::insertPage now takes an infoOverrides array that is merged with the page info structure so you can set engine, published_at, etc.
    • added an app.yml flag to disable consumption of incoming youtube tags app_aMedia_consume_youtube_tags
    • restored the missing cancel button in the media search
    • some leftover javascript needed to be moved into a.js and turned into functions
  • apostrophePeople:
    • fixed some titles and cleaned up some project specific language and styles
    • added aPeopleAdmin to permissions
  • apostropheBlog:
    • added the first version of Wordpress blog importer
    • put a span around the even location name to separate it from the button to add it to google in _meta

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