A week of symfony #242 (15->21 August 2011)

Symfony2 development activity focused this week on fixing some minor bugs. Meanwhile, Propel ORM announced a brand-new version for one of the most used symfony 1.x plugins.

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Symfony2 development highlights


  • 80d1718: [Form] Email() constraints now guess as 'email' field type
  • 3dcb238: [Security] increased visibility of httpUtils property
  • 1515912: [SecurityBundle] fixed autoloading in tests (autoload.php overrides autoload.php.dist when it exists)
  • b6ee1a6: [HttpFoundation] fixed a bug when overriding method via the X-HTTP-METHOD-OVERRIDE header
  • 8c9ccf6: [HttpFoundation] added more tests for Request::createFromGlobals()
  • 6e7c375: [FrameworkBundle] tweaked schema file

Repository summary: 2,843 watchers (#1 in PHP, #21 overall) and 736 forks (#1 in PHP, #12 overall).

New plugins

  • chCmsExposeRouting: allows you to easily expose all or part of application routes to the client side. On the client side, routes can be generated as simply as using url_for helper.
  • drResponseTitle: makes working with the response title a lot easier, by allowing multiple parts, a separator and a reverse order.
  • isicsHttpCache: translates some of the Symfony2 HTTP Cache concepts to symfony 1.x applications, including ESI support.
  • drGoogleUrlShortener: provides a Google URL Shortener API implementation and some nice shortcuts for getting a short URL for a given long URL or vice versa, and also for getting some statistics about the number of clicks, etc.
  • sfPropelORM: replaces symfony's core Propel plugin by the latest version of Propel, in branch 1.6.

Updated plugins

  • sfDoctrineActAsTaggable:
    • tag:clean now removes redundant taggings (duplicate taggings of the same model/id/tag triplet)
  • sfDoctrineActAsSi:
    • released 1.2.4 version
  • cpAws:
    • updated aws plugin
    • updated code for thumbnail logic
  • sfDoctrineJCroppable:
    • minor bugfixes
  • cpUniForm:
    • fixed radio boxes input
  • apostropheBlog:
    • don't show double tag counts if there are orphan virtual pages floating around
  • apostrophe:
    • fixed IE7 had display bug in media library
    • added a helper that styles webkit scrollbars
    • Viddler no longer checks its cache for media items it has no control over
    • added another optional field to google analytics for tracking multiple domain names under a single analytics
    • added a little more error checking / defensive checks onto apostrophe.linkToRemote
    • aTools::lock now accepts an optional 'wait' flag, which defaults to true
  • apostropheHTML5:
    • aHTML5 action class and base class no longer have potentially conflicting names

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