A week of symfony #254 (7->13 November 2011)

Symfony community took a huge leap forward this week with the introduction of a new gamification strategy to develop the community. Starting this week, Symfony Community members will be rewarded for their commitment and involvement in the community. In addition, the first edition of the Symfony Community Awards was announced to further recognize the work of the most prominent community members.

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights

Master branch:

  • 6f05544: [Console] added an exception when overriding an existing argument (added some unit tests for option and arguments overriding)
  • 47b888a: added the real template name when an error occurs in a Twig template
  • 47fca8e: [HttpKernel] fixed file storage for the profiler
  • a7296e7: [Security] made exceptions thrown by the user checker and the checkAuthentication() method use the hideUserNotFoundExceptions flag
  • e1822e7: enable dynamic set of validation groups by a callback or Closure
  • d08ec5e: added DelegatingValidator tests
  • 796c6b2: [Locale] added getIcuVersion and getIcuDataVersion to Locale
  • 9c2a26d: [Translation] added Mo loader tests
  • 56cb7a5: [Translation] added gettext PO and MO Dumper
  • 4d80ebd: [Security] remove security token if user was deleted, is disabled or locked to prevent infinite redirect loops to the login path

2.0.x branch:

  • 380c67e: [FrameworkBundle] fixed HttpKernel when the app is stateless
  • c31c512: [FrameworkBundle] fixed output buffering when an error occurs in a sub-request
  • 9e6ba9a, d789f94, 7346896: [Serializer] added a supportsNormalization method
  • 414d4be: [Doctrine] refactored unit tests
  • 9d2ab9c: [Doctrine] fixed security user reloading when the user has been changed via a form with validation errors
  • a245e15: [DomCrawler] trim URI in getURI
  • 45b218e: [Translation] added detection for circular references when adding a fallback catalogue
  • 6b0e7c8: [Translation] removed unneeded methods
  • 8351a11: added check for array fields to be integers in reverseTransform method
  • e83e00a: fixed rendering of FileType (value is not a valid attribute for input[type=file])
  • ed1a6c2, 29e12af: [TwigBundle] do not clean output buffering below initial level (this resulted in issues with PHPUnit 3.6, which will buffer all output and clean them in the end)
  • 7cba0a0: [Bridge/Monolog] also identify FirePHP by the X-FirePHP-Version header
  • bb5fb79: changed the way we store the current ob level
  • 4858fbe: [TwigBundle] fixed trace to not show 'in at line' when file/line are empty

Repository summary: 3,351 watchers (#1 in PHP, #24 overall) and 853 forks (#1 in PHP, #12 overall).

New plugins

  • sfNav: (no description)
  • sfNavBuilder: aids the creation of hierarchical menus.
  • acExceptionNotifier: allows you to send by e-mail errors 500 (Exception type) that occur in production environments.

Updated plugins

  • dcReloadedFormExtra:
    • added support for root node
    • added support for a type in tree
  • sfDoctrineActAsSluggableAttachment:
    • fixed addional '/' added to url when not using image as attachment
  • sfTools:
    • added a session storage class for the Flash session bug
    • added the sfAdvFilesystem.class.php
  • sfJqueryReloaded:
    • setting sf_jquery_core to false now prevents jquery itself from being loaded by the plugin so that it can be loaded by other means in your project without conflicts
  • sfSyncContent:
    • new --resolve-links option copies the folders and files that symbolic links point to rather than the symbolic links themselves
  • sfTrafficCMS:
    • added template for easy copy and paste
  • apostrophe:
    • added new lines and tabs to the assets output by apostrophe so that they're more human-readable
    • cleaned up noisy logging and Added a bit of logging for the cache
    • added paypal and wufoo slot icons
    • fixed bug with nested navigation. child navigation were coming up with duplicate ID names
    • fixed aMysql::findOneBy method
    • added lots of useful classes to the navigation component
    • added CSS3 PIE to the a-helpers file to allow the use of unsupported CSS3 features in Internet Explorer
  • apostropheBlog:
    • don't assume blog permissions don't exist when migrating to 1.5
  • apostropheExtraSlots:
    • added contact slot to the extraslots plugin
    • uniformized the class names and added reasonable default styles
    • added aAnchorTitleSlot slot that allows you to create title slots that can serve as headings for sections or as invisible inline anchors if the 'title' options is set to false

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