A week of symfony #275 (2->8 April 2012)

This week, a new Symfony bug hunt day was announced in preparation for the upcoming launch of Symfony 2.1. In addition, Form component received a lot of tweaks and fixes and a new linter was introduced for Twig templates.

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights

Master branch:

  • dbab7e1: [TwigBridge] added a TwigEngine in the bridge
  • 93848be: moved event dispatcher classes to the EventDispatcher component
  • f5cb167: [ClassLoader] added a DebugClassLoader using composition
  • 56c1e31: performance improvement in PhpMatcherDumper
  • 2519544, 1456e1e, b5de295, 1b48abb, dc94e27: updated Slovenian, Polish, Slovak, Hebrew and Portuguese translations
  • 3c32569: [Routing] added the possibility to define options for imported resources
  • a430f3d: [Form] fixed getChoicesForValues of EntityChoiceList on empty values
  • b6ac1aa: [Form] give PropertyPath ability to read hassers
  • a2f65f7: [FrameworkBundle] added the translation file for the 'en' locale
  • 8702ea5: [Validator] allowed empty keys in the validation config
  • 3dc72cd: [HttpFoundation] added isMethod() to Request object
  • 6ac5486, 7e297db, a91e200, bba0080, 8071859, a041feb, 21860cb, 2ee4b88, 8c94069, 11a676d, 8e861b7: [Filesystem] added unit tests for copy, mkdir, touch, remove, chmod, rename, symlink, makePathRelative, isAbsolutePath, and mirror methods
  • 6e0b03a: [Form] fixed label of prototype in CollectionType
  • 6584721: [Form] improved labels generated by default from form names
  • 1d7e9d9, 8726ade, a11ec3e, d694858: [TwigBundle] added a linter command for templates
  • e0ce6b4: [Form] fixed required value guessed by ValidatorTypeGuesser
  • 87890d3: [BrowserKit] fixed CookieJar issue being unable to parse multiple cookies from Set-Cookie

2.0.x branch:

  • fc41d4f: [Security, HttpDigest] fixed a configuration error caused by an invalid 'key' child node configuration
  • f7647f9: [Routing] improved exception message when giving an invalid route name
  • 595cc11, 8a2b115, 7ce22f0: [Console] wrap exception messages to the terminal width to avoid ugly output

Repository summary: 4,377 watchers (#1 in PHP, #29 overall) and 1135 forks (#1 in PHP, #12 overall).

Updated plugins

  • apostrophe:
    • a.pageCheckPrivilege event filter still takes place if 'edit' => true is explicitly specified
    • options of globalSetup are passed to a.afterGlobalSetup event as $eventoptions
    • the new a.filterValidAndEditable event provides a way to influence the behavior of the validAndEditable method of the 'aActions' class
    • getMediaForArea() and getMediaForAreas() methods refactored here from the blog plugin for more general use
    • new aHtml::htmlTextToHtml() method is handy if you have text which is already entity escaped but you still want newlines to become line breaks and URLs to become links
    • don't close the entire page settings dialog when someone clicks on an autocompleted tag suggestion
    • slideshow slots now have 'ui' and 'limit' options
    • new uploadMediaWrapper partial provides a convenient point to override uploadMultiple without losing the ability to include it
    • suppressed noisy exif output in aImageConverter
  • apostropheBlog:
    • new _sidebarLayout partial makes it easy to reorder the components of the blog sidebar and add new material without overriding all of our code and risking bc problems
    • media items in blog post teasers obey app_aBlog_media_excerpt_width, default to app_aBlog_media_width
    • aBlogImporter class now accepts a 'clear' option, which has to default to true for bc, but at least you can choose to import more stuff rather than clobbering everything
    • apostrophe:import-blog task now accepts a --clear option and does NOT trash everything you already have in your blog by default
    • new 'showDates' and 'showCategories' options to the blog sidebar partial now allow you to conveniently shut off display of date and category filters

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