A week of symfony #312 (17->23 December 2012)

A week of symfony #312 (17->23 December 2012)

This week Symfony published several security releases to address two potential security vulnerabilities. In addition, the WebProfilerBundle continued removing dependientes from other bundles and components.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.0 branch:

  • d90e55c: fixed double-decoding in the routing system
  • 1f8c501: [FrameworkBundle] restricted the type of controllers that can be executed by InternalController
  • 532cc9a: [FrameworkBundle] added support for URIs as an argument to HttpKernel::render()
  • 0085798: [FrameworkBundle] fixed XSD for the trusted-proxies setting
  • 4517aeb: [FrameworkBundle] fixed trusted_proxies configuration for some edge cases
  • b8e5689: [FrameworkBundle] fixed ESI calls

2.1 branch:

  • 2cd43da: [Process] allowed non-blocking start with PhpProcess
  • 8beee64: [Form] fixed DateTimeToStringTransformer
  • 6855cff, 05fca6d: [Bridge/Propel1] added preferred_query option to ModelType (this enables the ModelChoiceList to use 'preferred_choices' of the parent ChoiceType)

Master branch:

  • a9c27fb: [Form] empty_value should not be selectable in choice field if the field is required
  • e31d4f1, 8df9b7a: [Config] allowed the disabling of key normalization on some array nodes
  • 6efae29: [TwigBundle] fixed configuration to avoid key normalizations for paths and globals
  • f0d9be0: [TwigBridge] added an extension for the HttpKernel component
  • 0e2418c: [TwigBundle] added the HttpKernel extension to the default Twig loaded extensions
  • 00e08be: [WebProfilerBundle] replaced usage of the render tag by the render function (to decouple the bundle from TwigBundle)
  • 163564b: [WebProfilerBundle] replaced yaml_dump by json_encode to make the Web Profiler independent from the YAML component
  • 07316c9: [Validator] catch deprecated methods
  • fb71964: [Form] added an alternative signature Form::add($name, $type, $options)
  • 19d8510: [Form] improved Form::add() and FormBuilder::add() to accept integers as field names
  • 6261779, ad6a6c8: [Finder] fixed the BSD find adapter on the Mac OS X
  • 7533deb: [Form] prevented trigger of E_USER_DEPRECATED for new API
  • 15c52f5, 4663450: displayed class name of security token in WDT
  • 64d43c8: restricted to only URIs the first argument of the render tag
  • 2a2c468: [Form] fixed DateTimeToStringTransformer regexp to work with older PCRE
  • 5e359d3: made the kernel optional in all data collectors
  • bf9e238: [Form] added with_minutes option to DateTimeType & TimeType
  • 31a7825: [FrameworkBundle] changed data collector templates to use the new namespaced template names

Repository summary: 5,932 watchers (#1 in PHP, #35 overall) and 1,862 forks (#1 in PHP, #15 overall).

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A week of symfony #312 (17->23 December 2012) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-312-17-23-december-2012

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