A week of symfony #314 (31 December 2012 -> 6 January 2013)

This week the Console component added support for a cool new feature: autocompletion. Meanwhile, the development versions started adding support for the upcoming PHP 5.5 version. In addition, the official Symfony repository surpassed the 6,000th stargazer milestone.

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Symfony2 development highlights

2.0 branch:

  • 2fc41a1: [Console] fixed unitialized properties
  • 8ae773b, 913b564, b2ce983, 73d9cef: [Form] fixed failing MonthChoiceList and StubIntlDateFormatter in PHP 5.5
  • e939a42: [DependencyInjection] added some tests for PhpDumper when the container is compiled
  • cd15390, e0923ae: [DependencyInjection] fixed PhpDumper when an inlined service definition has some properties
  • f299bd0: [Console] made getTerminalWith & getTerminalHeight public
  • 1e2fb64: [DependencyInjection] refactored code to avoid logic duplication

2.1 branch:

  • c282a2b: [DoctrineBridge] allowed memcache port to be 0 to support memcache unix domain sockets
  • 87b6cc2: fixed Expires when the header is -1
  • 75952af: [HttpFoundation] better fix for non-parseable Expires header date
  • 10b01c9: [HttpFoundation] fixed return types and handling of zero in Response
  • 6c5e615: [Form] fixed DateType when used with the intl extension disabled
  • c526ad9: [Form] fixed inheritance of error_bubbling in RepeatedType
  • fa6fb6f: [Process] do not reset stdout/stderr pipes on Interrupted system call
  • 8f21f89, d786e09: [Console] added getTerminalDimensions() with fix for osx/freebsd

Master branch:

  • 29b9611: [Finder] added support for GLOB patterns in the directories passed to the in() method
  • 1734266: [HttpFoundation] fixed fluent interface on BinaryFileResponse::prepare()
  • 7bad0ef, a4d711c, 9864d95, 8a0bcfb, 2b73975: [Console] added autocomplete as you type
  • e0b4480: [Form] removed separator characters between choice or text fields in DateType
  • 184c8e5: fixed @expectedException definitions to reference absolute exception paths

Repository summary: 6,006 watchers (#1 in PHP, #36 overall) and 1,908 forks (#1 in PHP, #14 overall).

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A week of symfony #314 (31 December 2012 -> 6 January 2013) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-314-31-december-2012-6-january-2013

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