A week of symfony #315 (7->13 January 2013)

This week Symfony 2.2 entered into its stabilization period with the release of the first beta of Symfony 2.2.0. The development activity was huge, including the addition of PSR-3 support to the LoggerInterface, the release of a new PropertyAccess component and lots of tweaking and refactorization for the Security, Form, Validator and HttpKernel components.

Symfony2 development highlights

Master branch:

  • 3c3a90b: [Security] reduced query size when Select ACL entries for many instances of the same Type at once
  • b378964: [FrameworkBundle] forced users to set kernel.secret to something different than default "ThisTokenIsNotSoSecretChangeIt" (reverted)
  • 9d94fc7: [Console] cleaned-up and optimized console autocompletion
  • 5d264ce: [Routing] made RouteCompilerInterface::compile static
  • 0cf9fcb: [HttpFoundation] deprecated count() and \Countable
  • fee1bf5: [Form] introduced base ExceptionInterface
  • bcc5552: [Form] protected methods in FormConfigBuilder and FormBuilder from being called when it is turned into a FormConfigInterface instance
  • 50e2cfc: [Security] added getMessageKey and getMessageData to auth exceptions
  • 73db84f: [Security] added initial translations for the exceptions
  • d6c57cf: [FrameworkBundle] registered security exception translations
  • 39da27a: [Security] removed get/setExtraInformation and added get/set(Token|User)
  • 2d7a7ba: [Security] fixed AuthenticationException serialization
  • cc278af: [Validator] fixed CardSchemeValidator double violation when value is non-numeric
  • 5be0042: [Validator] better regexp, more test cases, added comments about each credit card
  • e6574de: [Console] fixed stty reset when using DialogHelper#ask() with autocomplete functionality
  • 46f751c: [Validator] extracted message interpolation logic of ConstraintViolation and used the Translation component for that
  • 1e34e91: adapted the Form component, the TwigBridge, the DoctrineBridge and the FrameworkBundle to translator integration in the validator
  • cc0df0a: [Validator] changed validator to support pluralized messages by default
  • cd662cc: [Validator] added ExceptionInterface, BadMethodCallException and InvalidArgumentException
  • 586a16e: [Validator] changed DefaultTranslator::getLocale() to always return "en"
  • 91a86f8: [HttpKernel, Monolog] added PSR-3 support to the LoggerInterface
  • 1e5a890: [Monolog] mark old non-PSR3 methods as deprecated
  • dca4528: [HttpKernel] extended psr/log's NullLogger class
  • 67d7423: removed use of deprecated HttpKernel LoggerInterface
  • 16b3426: display PHP SAPI in WDT
  • 9aaceb1: moved the logic from HttpKernel in FrameworkBundle to the HttpKernel component
  • a0c49c3: [TwigBridge] added a render_* function to ease usage of custom rendering strategies
  • 892f00f: [HttpKernel] added a URL signer mechanism for hincludes
  • 1f1392d: [HttpKernel] simplified and enhanced code managing the hinclude strategy
  • adc067e: [FrameworkBundle] made some services private
  • 1240690: [HttpKernel] made the strategy a regular parameter in HttpContentRenderer::render()
  • a8ea4e4: [FrameworkBundle] deprecated HttpKernel::forward()
  • bd102c5: made the content renderer work even when ESI is disabled or when no templating engine is available (the latter being mostly useful when testing)
  • f17f586: moved the container aware HTTP kernel to the HttpKernel component
  • 68257d3: enhanced the triggering of E_USER_DEPRECATED errors
  • 1bae7b2: [PropertyAccess] extracted PropertyAccess component out of Form
  • 6b1652e: [PropertyAccess] property path, small refactoring, read/writeProperty to read/write Property/Index
  • 69535cf: fixed broken setter in Form/Util/PropertyPath

Repository summary: 6,046 watchers (#1 in PHP, #36 overall) and 1,955 forks (#1 in PHP, #13 overall).

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