A week of symfony #32 (6->12 August 2007)

It won't be long before the release of symfony 1.1 and therefore continues the refactoring of its components. The logging system, the web debug toolbar and the symfony bootstraping have been refactored this week.

Development highlights

  • r4823: added /web/*_dev.php to config/rsync_exclude.txt skeleton
  • r4825: fixed propel-dump-data outputs model name when table is empty
  • r4828: fixed propel-dump-data & sfGuard
  • r4832: fixed propel-dump-data does not preserve data loading order
  • r4835: fixed sfPropelData::dump() filenames when dumping to a directory
  • r4839: added a new sfException::createFromException to wrap Exception instances
  • r4840: moved autoloading cache file to cache/ directory when possible (changed sfSimpleAutoload::construct() signature)
  • r4841: removed log:* tasks dependency on config/logging.yml
  • r4842: fixed symfony CLI when used outside a symfony project directory
  • r4845: refactored logging system (removed sfLoggerInterface, all logger classes extend sfLogger, added a new sfAggregateLogger, removed logging.yml, added logger as a factory in factories.yml, added unit tests for all logger classes), r4847: added back the sfLoggerInterface interface
  • r4850: refactored web debug toolbar (sfWebDebug is not a singleton anymore, fixed coding standard in sfWebDebug, the sfWebDebug object is now stored in sfContext: sfContext::getInstance()->get('sf_web_debug'))
  • r4851: simplified symfony.php script a bit by not loading unneeded classes by default
  • r4853: refactored symfony bootstrapping (removed the bootstrap_compile configuration file, removed the symfony.php file (everything is moved to sfCore))
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 51 changesets, 11 defects created, 10 defects closed, 4 enhancements created, 1 documentation defect closed, 79 documentation edits.

Book and documentation

Approximate status of book translations: spanish (99%), polish (78%), italian (31%), chinese (26%), russian (26%), brazilian portuguese (15%), french (15%), dutch (10%), deutsch (5%), japanese (-).



  • New plugins
    • sfTextilePlugin: parses and converts text written with Textile syntax into HTML
  • Updated plugins
    • sfSimpleBlogPlugin: several bugfixes (added a blank line at the end of the schema.yml to bypass Syck bug, made the default schema play well with sfGuardPlugin without extra need for a config file)
    • sfMediaLibraryPlugin: reverted changeset r4820
    • sfPropelActAsSortableBehaviorPlugin (provides a new Propel behavior): added moveToPosition($position), moveToTop(), moveToBottom(), and insertAtPosition($position) methods with tests (based on a patch from Jan Kunzmann) and released 0.6.1 version
    • sfDoctrinePlugin (integrates Doctrine ORM): fixed issue with m2m double lists using wrong Doctrine syntax, updated doctrine's externals version
    • sfNiftyPlugin (provides some helper to use the Nifty Corner Cube javascript library): merged Alban's branch (1.0.x) with Jonathan's one (1.1.x) and fixed CSS include issue
    • sfSimpleCMSPlugin (simple Content Management System): added the possibility to define default slot type on a per template basis, refactored page templates to use a layout and avoid repetition
    • sfFacebookPlatformPlugin (makes it easier to use the facebook platform in your symfony application): added a fb_form_action function to the FBML helper, using a sfFacebook singleton that proxies the facebook class
    • sfOpenIDPlugin (handles authentication via OpenID): now prepending routes unless we're told not to

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