A week of symfony #329 (15->21 April 2013)

This week, the Symfony 2.3 branch boosted its development activity, specially for the Form component. As a result, and for the first time since a long time, the repository had less than 100 outstanding pull requests. In addition, the complete schedule for the Symfony Live Portland 2013 conference was published.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.1 changelog:

  • da156d3: [HttpKernel] fixed overwriting of request's locale if attribute _locale is missing
  • 5abf887: [Console] fixed default value handling for multi-value options
  • 8a434ed: [DependencyInjection] fixed a DI circular reference recognition bug
  • 54bcf5c, ad4624c, 4c4a0c4: [Translator] added additional conversion for encodings other than utf-8
  • c2bc707: [BrowserKit] fixed detection of secure cookies received over https
  • 36d057b: [HttpFoundation, BrowserKit] fixed path when converting a cookie to a string
  • 06e21ff: [Filesystem] fixed Filesystem::touch() not working with different owners (utime/atime issue)

2.2 changelog:

  • af819a7: [HttpKernel] pass ESI header to subrequests
  • d98118a: [Config] added tests for passing number looking attributes as strings

Master changelog:

  • f8b0994: [Form] removed deprecated code from Date & Time related fields
  • b626542: [Stopwatch] fixed checking started events
  • 78b0609: [HttpKernel] added support for the new Zend OPcache accelerator in ConfigDataCollector
  • edd7649: [DependencyInjection] fixed management of scoped services with an invalid behavior set to null
  • 9e849eb: [Form] removed "value" attribute on empty_value option
  • a868048: [Validator] moved constraints Optional and Required to the Constraints\ namespace
  • 2170dcb: [FrameworkBundle] added a missing test for TimedPhpEngine
  • 765d8ff: [Doctrine Bridge] set default value for "is_bundle" option to true for "auto_mapping" mode
  • 099fd9f, fc12bd1: [Doctrine Bridge] added a base compiler pass class to register doctrine mappings
  • df99902: added support to handle PHP sessions started outside of Symfony
  • c8906f4: [Validator] Added IBAN (International Bank Account Numbers) validator
  • 47061d7: [Intl] refactored Locale component into two new components Icu and Intl
  • 0ea75db: [Form] improved FormRenderer::renderBlock() to be usable outside of form blocks
  • 81f8c67: [Form] implemented form processors
  • 8ea5e1a: [Form] renamed option "virtual" to "inherit_data"
  • ac2ca44: [Form] moved parent data inheritance from data mappers to Form
  • bf9382e: [Form] made exception handling consistent with other components
  • b20386e: [Config] added possibility to get "parent bundle resource file" in import file loading process
  • 00d2643: [HttpFoundation] if the session cannot be started, show the file and line from which the output has been started
  • 2d30fb3: [Process] added support for processes that need a TTY to run
  • 6bf9c68: [DomCrawler] allowed schema-less url in the base tag
  • 4582261: [Validator] added ISBN validator
  • 9551932: [Intl] removed obsolete classes
  • 75db8eb: [HttpFoundation] changed the order of IP addresses returned by Request::getClientIps()
  • ae7c378: [Form] renamed form processors to request handlers
  • ddc9e38: [HttpFoundation] modified Request::getClientIp() to use IpUtils::checkIp()
  • 811434f: [FrameworkBundle] allowed setting trusted_proxies using CIDR notation
  • e7c1696: [HttpFoundation] refactored code to avoid code duplication
  • 49062aa, 190abc1: [FrameworkBundle] made it possible to ignore route attributes in the RedirectContoller
  • 0c7b65f: [FrameworkBundle] inject the Request object in RedirectController via the action signature, rather than fetching it from the DIC
  • ce8a441: [HttpFoundation] PDO Session handling enhancements
  • 773e109, e03e2cd: [HttpFoundation, HttpKernel] internal sub-requests should have X-Forwarded-For header providing real client IP
  • c8a5e02: [DialogHelper] added an option to the "select" function that makes the possibility of multiselect options
  • 46ac2f0: [TwigBundle] removed @ when defining an autoescaping service, and fixed XSD to use - instead of _
  • 5ad5a5c: [HttpKernel] made the classmap lazy-loaded

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