A week of symfony #332 (6->12 May 2013)

This week, Symfony 2.3.0 released its second and last beta version. Among other features, this version supports the interactive management of the parameters.yml file and some nice improvements for the Console component. In addition, the Symfony 2.1.10 maintainance version and the Twig 1.13.0 version were released.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.1 changelog:

  • 05b987f: [Process] cleanup tests & prevent assertion that kills randomly Travis-CI
  • 37af771: [Console] added dedicated testcase for HelperSet class
  • e8d5d16, c93b9f7: [Config] fixed Loader import
  • a5441b2: [Yaml] fixed parsing of leading blank lines in folded scalars

2.2 changelog:

  • 60edc58, e318759: [Serializer] fixed fatal error in normalize/denormalizeObject

Master changelog:

  • 78e3710: added a ProxyManager Bridge
  • 59867f9: made some optimization when parsing YAML files
  • 0a26641: [DomCrawler] updated Crawler class (if HTML is not well-formed XML parsing goes wrong)
  • 853f681: fixed request scope issues
  • dd0e138: eased translationNodeVisitor overriding in TranslationExtension
  • fdb4b1f: [Console] moved --help support to allow proper behavior with other passed options
  • bd0c48c: [Console] moved the IO configuration to its own method
  • be42dbc: [HttpFoundation] fixed guessClientExtension() method
  • 97bee20: pass exceptions from the ExceptionListener to Monolog
  • 3beaf52: [Security] disabled the BCryptPasswordEncoder tests for PHP versions lower than 5.3.7

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