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A week of symfony #344 (29 July -> 4 August 2013)

This week, the Apache routing matcher added ability to handle array values, the image validator added options to validate the aspect ratio and the orientation of the images and the Process component added a feature to define an idle timeout. In addition, the Form component fixed a lot of reported bugs.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.2 changelog:

  • b41cf82: [Validator] fixed StaticMethodLoader trying to invoke methods of abstract classes
  • c138304: [Routing] added ability for apache matcher to handle array values
  • 97cbb19: [Form] removed the "disabled" attribute from the placeholder option in select fields due to problems with the BlackBerry 10 browser
  • cd51d82: [Form] fixed wrong call to setTimeZone()
  • a741414: [HttpKernel] added a missing dep for dev

2.3 changelog:

  • 1bd45b3: [FrameworkBundle] fixed regression where the command might have the wrong container if the application is reused several times
  • cb5e765: [Form] if a form is not present in a request, it is not automatically submitted
  • 85330a6: [Form] fixed patched forms to be valid even if children are not submitted
  • 9f3b1e1: [Process] increased the timeout in a test to prevent random failures when travis is under a heavy load

Master changelog:

  • ce8a7d6: [HttpFoundation] deprecated FlashBag::getIterator() method
  • b9fa52c: [Console] made descriptors use output instead of returning a string
  • 17cbfc8: [WebProfilerBundle] made toolbar listener instantiation conditional
  • 0869720: [Form] changed (Number|Integer)ToLocalizedStringTransformer::reverseTransform() to do rounding
  • 85330a6: [Form] fixed patched forms to be valid even if children are not submitted
  • b030624: [Validator] improved image validator
  • 5c27d7e: [Serializer] added the missing context support inside the XmlEncoder
  • b922ba2: [Process] added ability to define an idle timeout

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A week of symfony #344 (29 July -> 4 August 2013)

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