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A week of symfony #352 (23->29 September 2013)

This week, Symfony 2.2.8 maintenance version was published. Meanwhile, in anticipation of the end of the Symfony 2.4 development phase, a lot of commits were merged in the master branch, such as the support of the JSON format in the Translation component, the simplification of the Callback constraint and the shiny new Form debugger. Lastly, the full schedule of the SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013 conference was published.

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Symfony2 development highlights

2.2 changelog:

  • 0774c79: [Locale] added some more stubs for the number formatter
  • 3108c71: [Locale] added support for the position argument to NumberFormatter::parse()
  • d997443: [HttpFoundation] HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO header can contain various values
  • bcbe8d2: tests are now run in parallel
  • 8980954: [BrowserKit] fixed the domain of the cookies returned by CookieJar
  • 279a686: added a lot of PHPDoc comments and a few missing use statement
  • 5e2ac93: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed problem with Windows file links (backslash in JavaScript string)

2.3 changelog:

  • 8bad61d: [HttpKernel] fixed usage of deprecated FlattenException
  • bb59ac2: [DomCrawler] fixed HTML5 form attribute handling XPath query
  • bb0125b: [DependencyInjection] prevented inlining of lazy loaded private service definitions
  • 8753db9: [Security] set the BCryptPasswordEncoder $cost parameter to an integer

Master changelog:

  • f7d0ec6: [Security] limited the password length passed to encoders
  • c8e6799: [ExpressionLanguage] introduced a ParserCacheInterface with array/doctrine implementations
  • 77e2fa5: [DomCrawler] removed checks if CssSelector is present
  • 90d59ea: [Form] updated FormTypeCsrfExtension to retrieve the FormFactory directly
  • 1972a91: [Form] added the form debug collector
  • a994a5d: [Form] merged subsriber/collector, also collect valid forms
  • 56d78ed: [Form] decoupled methods of ResolvedFormType so that they can be overridden individually by decorators
  • f56c577: [HttpKernel] extracted value exporting logic of DataCollector into a separate ValueExporter class
  • 89509d9: [Form] improved form debugger
  • 3292163: [DomCrawler] fixed an issue with namespace prefix matching being to greedy
  • cccb1db: [Validator] simplified usage of the Callback constraint
  • b668e24: [FrameworkBundle] form_debug.xml should be loaded only if form config is enabled
  • 9988475: [Translation] added support for JSON format (both loader and dumper)
  • 90daef7: [Process] added support for stdout and stderr flush
  • e73742a: [PropertyAccess] throw exception on nonexistant "index" on read access
  • 500ddf3: [Process] added ProcessBuilder::setEnvironmentVariables
  • 785080a, c2e43d0: [Filesystem] introduced new Exception base classes
  • 780b77a: [HttpKernel] made the cache key generation configurable for the default HttpCache store

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A week of symfony #352 (23->29 September 2013)

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