A week of symfony #357 (28 October -> 3 November 2013)

This week, the first serious discussions about Symfony 3.0 started with the proposal of splitting the HttpKernel component into three separate components. Meanwhile, the Symfony community will gather again next week for the Symfony Live Berlin 2013 conference.

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Symfony2 development highlights

2.2 changelog:

  • c1a3eb3: [Form] fixed the "data" option is taken into account even if it is NULL
  • b2550b9: [Serializer] fixed the error handling when decoding invalid XML to avoid a Warning
  • 2b8029e: [HttpFoundation] added content length header to BinaryFileResponse
  • 719e037: [FrameworkBundle] fixed routing container parameter exception message
  • e8c2082: [DependencyInjection] fixed YamlDumper did not make services private

2.3 changelog:

  • 644f78d: [HttpKernel] fixed memory limit display in MemoryDataCollector
  • b952bcb: [Form] fixed issue with clone: now the children of the original form are preserved and the clone form is given new children

Master changelog:

  • 60dce14: [FrameworkBundle] only enable CSRF protection when enabled in config
  • 99a4b7e: [Form] fixed form debugger to work even when no view variables are logged
  • 19c74f3: [Form] fixed nonexistent key id in twig of data collector
  • 4807c5e: [Form] fixed failing FormDataExtractorTest
  • 2f09754: [WebProfilerBundle] added X-Debug-Url profiler url header
  • 887f71c: [Form] fixed CsrfProviderAdapter
  • 3502ca2: [Console] made parent constructor test more reliable
  • a5c0123: [Config] use Inline class to quote reserved characters

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A week of symfony #357 (28 October -> 3 November 2013) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-357-28-october-3-november-2013

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