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A week of symfony #360 (18 -> 24 November 2013)

This week, development activity was focused on the last remaining bugs before the imminent publication of the first release candidate version of Symfony 2.4. In addition, some small but long-standing issues were fixed, such as the standardization of the constructor initialization style throughout Symfony code.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.2 changelog:

  • 7730d8d: [DependencyInjection] removed the unused Reference and Parameter classes use statements from the compiled container class
  • be0a605: [AclProvider] fixed incorrect behavior when partial results returned from cache
  • 0434c74: [Process] fixed timeout of 0
  • a38fab9: [Acl] fixed inserting multiple ObjectFieldAces throws DB constraint violations
  • af98688: [Doctrine] fixed no Entity Manager defined exception in UniqueEntityValidator
  • 3c5a863: [BrowserKit] fixed protocol-relative URL redirection

2.3 changelog:

  • 5b3b40c: [HttpFoundation] removed useless check if self::$trustProxies is set

Master changelog:

  • 9e7788e: [FrameworkBundle] cache warmup breaks namespaced kernel
  • b521dc5: [ExpressionLanguage] fixed conflict between punctation and range
  • 7cdb260: [Translation] made IdentityTranslater consistent with normal translator
  • 9c2ce49: [FrameworkBundle] use the new request_stack object in the GlobalVariables object
  • 21fa635: [Intl] made currency bundle merge fallback locales when accessing data, allowing use of country-specific locales
  • d553347: [Security] added a missing field in SimpleAuthenticationHandler
  • 2e07338: [FrameworkBundle] use the new request_stack service to get the Request object in the base Controller class
  • 5e03e9a: [Console] added a test for --verbose before argument
  • a8c74d1: [Security] optimized ExpressionVoter
  • b74a887: unified constructor initialization style throughout symfony
  • 0baae4c: [Debug] fixed ClassNotFoundFatalErrorHandler which could cause a fatal error
  • 13168bc: [DomCrawler] fixed attr method returning empty string for missing attributes
  • f2f15f5: [SecurityBundle] added csrf_token_generator and csrf_token_id as new names for csrf_provider and intention options

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A week of symfony #360 (18 -> 24 November 2013)

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