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A week of symfony #369 (20->26 January 2014)

This week, Symfony project completed most of its translations, as the result of a community initiative to improve Symfony internationalization. In addition, several improvements were proposed for Symfony 2.5, such as displaying DIC info on the web debug toolbar and integrating PsySH in dev environment.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • d7a41f3: [Validator] completed Luxembourgish (lb) translation
  • 6c05b1d: [Validator] completed Dutch (nl) translation
  • 5957cc1: [Validator] completed Croatian (hr) translation
  • 3f5397d: [Validator] completed Welsh (cy) translation
  • 485c104: [Validator] completed Catalan (ca) translation
  • 4db465d: [Validator] completed Swedish (sv) translation
  • 1d84e7e: [Validator] completed Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) translation
  • 12cb270: [Validator] completed Indonesian (id) translation
  • 770a94d: [Validator] completed Arabic (ar) translation
  • 905ae83: [Validator] completed Vietnamese (vi) translation
  • d6a7dc9: [Validator] completed Bulgarian (bg) translation
  • d82f830: [Validator] completed Romanian (ro) translation
  • 064346a: [Validator] completed Chinese (zh_CN) translation
  • 324ad4c: [Translation] updated pluralization rules
  • 82f98c4: [Form] fixed allow render 0 and 0.0 numeric input values
  • 247604c: [BrowserKit] added non-standard port to HTTP_HOST
  • c3ff76a: [Twig Bridge] removed obsolete conditions on Twig versions

2.4 changelog:

  • b3f5fa9: [Security] fixed DI for SimpleFormAuthenticationListener
  • 9f07b4d: [Process] clarify idle timeout
  • 0a2bb7b: [Routing] fixed routes subcollection condition
  • 38691da: [FrameworkBundle] merged multiple line input into one line to fix the tests

Master changelog:

  • 4d2f94a, 689e9bf: [TwigBridge] added support for json format in twig:lint command
  • 774674e: [Routing] added createRoute method for AnnotationClassLoader

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 8958565: added a more clear example in the cycle() docs

Silex development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 2a7f3db: made Silex comaptible with Symfony 2.5
  • 53b3a35: updated phpDoc for ControllerCollection
  • 6690ff5, 68f9b2a: made Monolog event callables injectable with Pimple

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A week of symfony #369 (20->26 January 2014)

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PsySH issue looks promising.

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