A week of symfony #391 (23->29 June 2014)

This week Symfony simplified the configuration when defining controllers as services that implement the __invoke() method and refactored the CssSelector to remove the circular object graph in order to enable the garbage collector and to reduce the memory consumption. Lastly, stay tuned next week for the first DX Community Hackday scheduled for July 5th.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • cbbdbe4: [DomCrawler] properly handle buttons with single and double quotes inside the name attribute
  • 5bb2345: [Serializer] optional constructor arguments can be omitted during the denormalization process
  • 1c5c694: fixed mocks to support >=5.5.14 and >=5.4.30
  • 994f81f: [CssSelector] refactored the CssSelector to remove the circular object graph (this allows the translator and its extensions to be garbage collected)
  • b8f8c0e: [Process] fixed ExecutableFinder with open basedir

Master changelog:

  • e712e89: [FrameworkBundle] simplified "invokable" controllers as services

Newest issues and pull requests

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