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A week of symfony #403 (15->21 September 2014)

This week, the development activity of Symfony increased significantly because we are approaching the end of the development phase for 2.6 version, which is scheduled for the end of this month. As part of the DX initiative, Symfony added four new shortcuts for controllers and simplified a bit the configuration of Twig form themes.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • cee0ff8: [Form] FormBuilder::getIterator() now deals with resolved children
  • ba21854: [Form] all index items after children are to be considered grand-children when resolving ViolationPath
  • 938ae4b: [Security] added more tests to uniform AccessDecisionManager decide behaviour
  • d35fd52: [Intl] fixed a few bugs in TextBundleWriter
  • f12890c: [YAML] fixed handling of empty sequence items
  • 9081014: [Console] guarded against invalid aliases
  • c3cce5c: [Intl] improved bundle reader implementations
  • 036726c: [Translation] made XliffFileDumper support CDATA sections
  • e1eb788: [HttpFoundation] use getPathname() instead of string casting to get BinaryFileReponse file path
  • 6020c43: [HttpFoundation] fixed some volatile tests
  • 00c1b75: [Process] fixed some volatile tests

2.4 changelog:

  • 709db6f: [Validator] the ratio of the ImageValidator is rounded to two decimals now
  • 71e303b: [Console] guarded against non-traversable aliases
  • 957fbb2: [Tests] minor PHPUnit Optimizations

2.5 changelog:

Master changelog:

  • 0fd6769: [Validator] added ClassMetadata plural methods for convenience
  • 6ebb017: [Twig] moved twig.form.resources to a higher level
  • ebfda57: [FrameworkBundle] added shortcut methods to controllers

Newest issues and pull requests

Silex development highlights

Master changelog:

  • abb5138: replaced the UrlMatcher by a RequestMatcher
  • d89029c: fixed DoctrineServiceProvider when no logger
  • 0e5f489: allowed to register form types without extensions
  • 38a3c46: added parameter for application middlewares (before, after, finish)

SwiftMailer development highlights

Master changelog:

  • bc563ff: fixed to-other cc-self issue when using gmail smtp
  • d8b2441: fixed redirect plugin fails with BCC-only message
  • 65dcc5e: added clone function to QpContentEncoderProxy
  • 45c2e4d: cloning messages to the MemorySpool queue
  • cd9b8b2: added clone function to Message

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A week of symfony #403 (15->21 September 2014)

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