A week of symfony #404 (22->28 September 2014)

This week finished the development phase for the upcoming Symfony 2.6 version. Development activity was frantic to include all the great features that will be polished during the two month stabilization phase. Meanwhile, the Symfony Live London 2014 conference took place with great success. Next conference: Symfony Live New York 2014

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • b63926b, 5fbb278: [Finder] escaped location for regex searches
  • 902efb8: [HttpKernel] made sure HttpCache is a trusted proxy
  • fab61ef: [Translation] clear libxml errors after parsing XML file
  • 42ec76e: [HttpFoundation] Response::isNotModified returns true when If-Modified-Since is later than Last-Modified
  • 4780210: [Form] added a form error if postmaxsize has been reached
  • 759ae1a: [Form] moved POST_MAX_SIZE validation from FormValidator to request handler
  • 24c5ba4: [TwigBundle] used request format from request in twig ExceptionController
  • fd77b09: [Form] fixed ValidatorTypeGuesser to guess properties without constraints not to be required
  • a38d1cd: [Security] missing checkPreAuth from RememberMeAuthenticationProvider
  • d671406: [Validator] fixed StaticMethodLoaderTest to actually test something
  • 8e5537b: [Validator] simplified testing of violations
  • 6cbc862: [Form] removed constructor argument from FormTypeHttpFoundationExtension for forward compatibility with 2.5
  • ea4ae74: [Form] propagated invalidmessage & invalidmessage parameters to date & time sub widgets
  • 10f9135: [Finder] made Iterator tests less fragile

2.4 changelog:

  • e85cb7f: [Security] added the possibility to return null from SimplePreAuthenticationListener
  • 2b2f0df: [DependencyInjection] fixed expression language in the container when using the "container" variable
  • f1ae970: [DoctrineBridge] made Doctrine's dependency injection test less fragile

2.5 changelog:

  • 6a435cd: [HttpFoundation] silent only JSON errors in JsonResponse
  • ed41da1: [FrameworkBundle] check for the Validator if forms are enabled
  • 44997d3: [Command] set the process title as late as possible
  • 6b0c24a: [Validator] added ConstraintValidator::buildViolation() helper for BC with 2.4 API
  • 07b234e: [Validator] fixed LegacyValidator when only a constraint is validated

Master changelog:

  • 169dadd: [FrameworkBundle] determine templating.engine.php scope as late as possible
  • 1a55995, ce62ccf: [FrameworkBundle] additional helper commands to control PHP's built-in web server
  • c85bed2: [Filesystem] added a LockHandler
  • 6537333: [FrameworkBundle] made assets:install smarter with symlinks
  • e5e6f4d: [Filesystem] check number of bytes copied
  • 4a59f98: [TwigBundle] made Exception return value similar to error.json.twig
  • 2e30a43: [DoctrineBridge] added some methods to improve the handling of auto_mapping feature
  • 0da03cf: [Form] added allow_html5 option to date and time FormType to disable HTML5 input type
  • d3bafc6: [Security] added an AbstractVoter implementation
  • a2872f2: [Security] added a REMOTE_USER based listener to security firewalls
  • ad171be: [Form] renamed allow_html5 option to html5
  • eec5c92: [Debug] added a Symfony Debug PHP extension
  • 2b440f3: [Form] renamed the empty_value option to placeholder
  • e8b7c6d: [Validator] added payload option to all constraints for attaching domain-specific data
  • c2e3ee8: [WebProfilerBundle] Show AJAX requests in the symfony profiler toolbar
  • bd8531d: [DependencyInjection] added a new Syntax to define factories as callables
  • b967787: [Security] split of the SecurityContext to AuthorizationChecker and TokenStorage
  • b7770bc: [Translation] added LoggingTranslator
  • cc04ce1: [Serializer] PropertyNormalizer: a new normalizer that maps an object's properties to an array
  • e1a3ef8: [DependencyInjection] made some perf improvements
  • 1104112: [HttpKernel] extracted method to instantiate controller in ControllerResolver
  • 28edd30: [Console] more consistent application description
  • 3062b3e: [Config] allowed extra hint in exception message
  • 707623c: [FrameworkBundle] updated the Controller to be consistent
  • 297d373: added a new VarDumper component and a new DebugBundle

Newest issues and pull requests

Silex development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 57d74eb: fixed translator for null locales

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