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A week of Symfony #418 (29 December 2014 -> 04 January 2015)

This week, Symfony development activity exploded resulting in hundreds of closed issues, hundreds of merged pull requests and massive changelogs on all maintained branches. Symfony 2.3 to 2.7 branches focused on removing any usage of deprecated features. Meanwhile, Symfony 3 started removing lots of hacks needed for legacy PHP versions and updated its requirements to PHP 5.5.9.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 60ad382, 1da0ba4: [HttpFoundation] fixed error when an IP in the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header contains a port
  • 91b24e8: [TwigBundle] moved the setting of the default escaping strategy from the Twig engine to the Twig environment
  • 0469ea8: [DomCrawler] fixed behaviour with tag
  • 30cff26: updated functional tests to use the PSR NullLogger
  • 6c00c22: removed usages of deprecated Form constants
  • f239920: [Security] updated ACL generateSql tool
  • 20a427d: unified the way Windows is detected in the entire codebase
  • 3c608eb: [Process] incremental output getters now return empty strings
  • 75d0d59: use PHPUnit iniSet() wrapper in tests to avoid possible side effects
  • 1d68ad3: cleanup lots of deprecations
  • 29b217c: [HttpKernel] fixed UriSigner::check when _hash is not at the end of the uri
  • 119b091: [Security] don't send remember cookie for sub requests
  • 24a287f: [HttpFoundation] don't add Accept-Range header on unsafe HTTP requests
  • 57bd898: [ClassLoader] removed deprecated classes from documentation
  • 1e547be: [Filesystem] enforced umask while testing

2.5 changelog:

  • cffb64f: [Form] fixed form data collector with dynamic fields
  • 008f2ea: [Debug] fixed ClassNotFoundFatalErrorHandler to correctly handle class not found errors with Symfony ClassLoader component autoloaders

2.6 changelog:

  • 90378ab: [Form] added further timezone tests for date type
  • d0d4482: [Form] fixed wrong DateTransformer timezone param for non-UTC configuration
  • 10df5d1: [Twig Bridge] fixed problems with buttons for inlined Bootstrap forms
  • 1e794ca: [WevProfilerBundle] check if a field type_class is defined before using it
  • d5ccf01: [Debug] updated exception messages
  • c40569c: [VarDumper] increased debug.max_items to 2500
  • de14c14: [Debug] split tests for deprecated interfaces

2.7 changelog:

  • f260186: [FrameworkBundle] added a test router for the built-in web server
  • a541faf: [Debug] track and report deprecated classes and interfaces
  • 193d69c: [HttpKernel] use "context" argument when logging route in RouterListener
  • ae544e5: [OptionsResolver] added type aliases for allowed types in OptionsResolver
  • 085e813: [Filesystem] keep exec perms when copying
  • 76abf98: [TwigBundle] removed the Container dependency on ActionsExtension
  • 30ba9df: [TwigBundle] always load the exception listener if the templating.engines is not present

Master changelog:

  • 7dee89b: [Yaml] removed the ability to parse a file in Yaml::parse()
  • 35e0845: removed lots of hacks needed for legacy PHP versions
  • 479a938: updated required PHP to 5.5.9
  • c33ce9c: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed a web profiler form issue with fields added to the form after the form was built
  • b9f4425: [Form] removed deprecated form_enctype()
  • e3872b9: [HttpKernel] removed deprecated ErrorHandler and ExceptionHandler classes
  • a15df69: [FrameworkBundle] removed the deprecated RouterApacheDumperCommand
  • 649061b: [Console] removed DialogHelper
  • a179b90: [FrameworkBundle] removed request service occurrences
  • a333811: [Config] removed deprecated ReferenceDumper class
  • 1cdb655: [Form] removed depracted events PRE_BIND

Newest issues and pull requests

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A week of Symfony #418 (29 December 2014 -> 04 January 2015)

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