A week of symfony #437 (11-17 May 2015)

This week Symfony fixed some compatibility issues with PHP7. In addition, the VarDumper component improved its dumping logic: dumps now use the output mechanism of PHP instead of echoing their contents and the output destination is now configurable. Lastly, the upcoming Symfony 3.0 version continued removing lots of deprecated features.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 139bae7: [Security] fixed test in HHVM
  • 2aea3aa, 103c0df: [travis] use container-based infrastructure
  • 44edbdf: [Form] fixed compatibility with PHP7 and up by introducing new constraints (IsNull, IsTrue, IsFalse) and related validators (IsNullValidator, IsTrueValidator, IsFalseValidator)
  • 57571a9: [HttpFoundation] fixed volatile MongoDbSessionHandlerTest::testRead()
  • 54bb399: [EventDispatcher] made listeners removable from an executed listener
  • 984d82c: use preincrementation operator instead of postincrementation
  • dd2fb85: [ServerBag] handled bearer authorization header in REDIRECT_ form
  • cafb0d7: [TwigBundle] refreshed Twig paths when resources change

2.6 changelog:

  • 8b8feff: [PropertyAccess] fixed setting public property on a class having a magic getter
  • d0eb208: [DebugBundle] removed inlined dumps on XHR
  • 8cb2abb: [DebugBundle] always collect dumps
  • 5368483: [DebugBundle] use output mechanism of dumpers instead of echoing
  • 5f255e5: [DebugBundle] allow alternative destination for dumps
  • 091b37e: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed regexp for excluded Ajax paths

2.7 changelog:

  • 7784b29: [Routing] display file which contain deprecated option
  • ab70632: [HttpKernel] use ConfigCache::getPath() method when it exists
  • e56a619: [FrameworkBundle] applied new styles to the config:debug & config:dump-reference commands
  • 80fc341: [Console] fixed block rpadding when escaping '<' in SymfonyStyle

2.8 changelog:

  • 700fcf1: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed WebProfilerBundle compatiblity with HttpKernel < 2.7
  • 5fdc650: [WebProfilerBundle] improved page for logs

Master changelog:

  • 38f32c1: [Console] use $this inside closures (compatible since PHP >= 5.4)
  • c19f918: [HttpKernel] removed deprecated functions and classes
  • 5e623a9: [HttpFoundation] removed the legacy PDO session handler
  • 5d1e558: [Filesystem] removed deprecations in Filesystem component
  • 76ff5a9: removed deprecations in DependencyInjection component

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • d63ac20: updated exception messages for null vars

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