A week of symfony #455 (14-20 September 2015)

This week Symfony 2.8 finally introduced its redesigned profiler. In addition, the Finder component was vastly simplified and optimized, even for Symfony 2.3 applications. Lastly, the Symfony Live London 2015 conference was hold with great success.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 71ef86e: [Yaml] fixed the parsing of float keys
  • 92ad5df: [DoctrineBridge] fixed bug in mapping driver config setter
  • 06f97bf: [HttpKernel] fixed broken multiline esi:remove
  • d87db39: [DoctrineBridge] used ObjectManager interface instead of EntityManager
  • dc57a7a: [DomCrawler] invalid URI created from forms if base tag present
  • e5bf0ab: [Finder] excluded files based on path before applying the sorting
  • 8c691bd: [Finder] handled filtering of recursive iterators and use it to skip looping over excluded directories
  • 20f2d03: [Finder] improved the structure of the Finder testsuite
  • cf3019b: [Finder] fixed recursive filter iterator
  • f156de6: [Finder] optimized the hot path
  • c4bb79a: [Process] stopped Autoruns when shelling on Windows

2.7 changelog:

  • 18e9f45: [Debug] fixed case mismatch detection
  • c28796e: [MonologBridge] used stderr by default when a specific output is not injected
  • 1abfaba: [DependencyInjection] automatically process extensions when they implement CompilerPassInterface
  • 1b97c17: [TwigBridge] removed whitespaces between "input" and "label"

2.8 changelog:

  • 05773c2: redesigned the Symfony Profiler
  • d547ec0: made template shortcuts be usable without Templating component
  • 192523a: added a logout link in the security panel of the web debug toolbar
  • 9bae1ae: [HttpKernel] added entry point to more easily create/configure the DI extension
  • 8826d39: validated the extended type for lazy loaded type extensions
  • 366879b: [Translator] deprecated format method in favor of formatCatalogue in FileDumper

Master changelog:

  • 1672a83: [WebProfilerBundle] removed import/export commands
  • c1d028e: [HttpKernel] removed Profiler::import/export

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • f35a540: prevent potential doc comments in escaped inlined source
  • b43e298: fixed implementation of Null cache

Silex development highlights

Master changelog:

  • b61f087: fixed not explicitly declared properties
  • 4f560c9: fixed translation registration for the validators
  • 67d4719: fixed deprecation notices
  • 020b313: reverted app Twig variable change, introduced a new global one instead

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