A week of symfony #457 (28 September - 4 October 2015)

This week, Symfony 2.8 and 3.0 achieved their "feature freeze" milestone, meaning that no new feature will be added until their release on November 2015. That's why the development activity on Symfony 2.8 was astonishing during this week: a new LDAP component was added, DependencyInjection gained autowiring capabilities, all the command consoles were redesigned, DomCrawler and CssSelector components were heavily refactored, etc. Meanwhile, Symfony 3.0 continued removing massive chunks of deprecated code.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 8e6ef9c: [HttpFoundation] NativeSessionStorage method wrongly sets storage as started
  • e1ede46: removed @api tags from code
  • cdf1f00: [Console] do not make the getHelp() method smart
  • c0ff4bf: [Yaml] improved newline handling in folded scalar blocks
  • 7b9d519: [Yaml] added regression test for comments indents

2.7 changelog:

  • 92a9e22: forbid serializing a Crawler
  • 12743d1, ea2bd2a: detect Mintty for color support on Windows
  • 7f829b8: [Console] fixed input validation when required arguments are missing
  • df7a89f: [Security] improved AbstractVoter tests
  • 8990968: [property-access] improved access of reference chain
  • 3d9a748: [DomCrawler] always pass base href to subcrawlers

2.8 changelog:

  • 156368f: [Security] easier Custom Authentication errors
  • 6be68fd: [TwigBridge] is_granted no longer raise an exception if the token storage is empty
  • f51fe4a: [DependencyInjection] added logging of unused tags during container compilation
  • 1c964b9: introduced the LDAP component
  • 60b9f2e: implemented LDAP authentication and LDAP user provider
  • 32002d7: removed the "Delete profiles" action from the web profiler sidebar
  • 13d0da2, 08b2959, 44c5416, 8b7b251, 4e2cc0f, 8bcb9fc, fdaa513, fdeccd5, d209a4e, c3ce7ca, 6633cac, 64e7b6f: Updated the styles of all console commands
  • f4563c3: [CssSelector] added a non-static API for the CssSelector component
  • 2993b00: [Form] guess currency field based on validator constraint
  • 89578f1: [VarDumper] dumped PHP+Twig code excerpts in backtraces
  • 83b2d7c: removed profiler storages
  • 0af1676: [Console] bind input before executing the COMMAND event
  • e3aa522: [Form] deprecated alias tag option
  • 15ba2e8: [Routing] fluid interface for building routes in PHP
  • 79e210f: allowed to use a service as a router resource
  • 9f362a1: [DomCrawler] prevented adding non-DOMElement elements in DomCrawler
  • 0d1cb3b: [DomCrawler] deprecated loading multiple documents in the same crawler
  • c227806: moved AjaxCollector for use without framework bundle
  • 76bc662: [Security] configuring a user checker per firewall
  • aee5731: [DependencyInjection] added autowiring capabilities

Master changelog:

  • 49edef2: use try-finally when possible
  • 7cef180: [Config] removed ResourceInterface::getResource()
  • 6b6de15: [Security] removed supports{Attribute,Class}() methods
  • 6f9e897: [Security] removed AbstractVoter::isGranted() method
  • 317f7b4: [HttpFoundation] removed the ParameterBag::get() deep argument
  • dbb099d: [FrameworkBundle] do not render empty form action attributes
  • 2925df5: [HttpKernel] removed deprecated profiler storages
  • 437398d: [Security] removed deprecated features
  • fc41cf0: [FrameworkBundle] removedd deprecated features
  • 6dc3cf9: [DoctrineBridge] removed deprecated features
  • 925ecaf: [Validator] removed deprecated features in Constraints
  • 2a6b629: [Validator] removed deprecated methods
  • 8fd32ba: [Validator] removed the API_VERSION
  • 17cedd3: [Form] removed usage of Validator deprecated features
  • bfba6ca: [Form] removed precision option
  • 582f3a3: [Form] removed deprecated FormType::getName()
  • 33f3400: [Form] removed deprecated features
  • a2e154d: [HttpKernel] made RequestStack parameter required for classes that need it
  • 7115c1e: [HttpFoundation] Request->getRequestFormat should only rely on the request attributes

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • f379e81: fixed template class name generation to prevent possible collisions and one inode per file
  • 6f84981: fixed custom escaper null values
  • 1769f84: added test coverage for auto_reload

Silex development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 2509b5a: fixed error never removed from session in SecurityProvider

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