A week of symfony #476 (8-14 February 2016)

This week Symfony added some nice features and improvements. The LDAP component was overhauled to make it more robust and to add some of the most requested features. The Yaml component added flags to customize the parser/dumper behavior (whether throw exceptions on invalid types or not, whether parse objets as maps or not, etc.) Lastly, the web profiler added the possibility to filter results by HTTP status code.

Symfony development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 730a472: [HttpFoundation] BinaryFileResponse sendContent return as parent
  • d0324e4: [Form] removed unnecessary retrieval and setting of data
  • 81d654f: [HttpKernel] fixed (string) catchable fatal error for PHP Incomplete Class instances
  • 92d291a: [PropertyAccess] added more exceptions to singularify method
  • 2799b1c: [DependencyInjection] fixed Container::set() replace aliases
  • 1be2d34: [DomCrawler] clarified the value returned by getPhpFiles()

2.7 changelog:

  • 80e08d3: [VarDumper] fixed tests on PHP 7

2.8 changelog:

  • 9d04018, 3c382c5: [WebProfiler] fixed some design issues for Microsoft Edge
  • d61ca3d: [FrameworkBundle] support autowiring for TranslationInterface
  • b1e5149: [DomCrawler] removed the overridden getHash() method to prevent problems when cloning the crawler
  • f6ffc4e: [Yaml] properly parse lists in object maps

Master changelog:

  • 00f5e7b: [Cache] fixed expiries handling
  • 33168b0: [WebProfilerBundle] added status code to search form
  • cd37427: [Yaml] introduced flags to customize the parser behavior
  • 31c17dd: [Yaml] deprecated the Dumper::setIndentation() method
  • 0a44afa: [Yaml] dumper flag for enabling exceptions on invalid type
  • ffa5790: [FrameworkBundle] improve debug:container command when there is only one suggestion
  • 7848a46: [Ldap] improved the LDAP component

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