A week of symfony #477 (15-21 February 2016)

This week, the most active components were once again Yaml and Form. Meanwhile, the newly introduced Cache component added a filesystem adapter. Lastly, the LDAP component added write support.

Symfony development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • d4ac467: [Form] fixed violation mapping if multiple forms are using the same (or part of the same) property path
  • f6e401a: [Console] removed InputOption::VALUE_REQUIRED mode from $default parameter description
  • 3f749d6: [DependencyInjection] fixed dumped YAML syntax
  • 5fda221: [Yaml] fixed default timezone to be UTC
  • f01cda6: [HttpFoundation] removed duplicate validation in RedirectResponse
  • 7ce861d: [FileSystem] fixed a Windows issue with long file names
  • e932bae: [FrameworkBundle] allowed programmatically access to the list of commands registered by the kernel
  • d8ad5a2: improved Norwegian translations

2.7 changelog:

  • 52343b0: [DoctrineBridge] fixed choice_value in EntityType
  • d4ac467: [Form] fixed violation mapping if multiple forms are using the same (or part of the same) property path
  • a515383: [HttpKernel] prevented a fatal error when DebugHandlersListener is used with a kernel with no terminateWithException() method
  • 2c59be5: [Console] fixed InvalidArgumentException is thrown under wrong condition
  • d3c55cb: [Form] fixed choice placeholder edge cases
  • 6cc7e2e: [Form] added test for ArrayChoiceList handling null

2.8 changelog:

  • d6418d4: [DoctrineBridge] fixed tests added in EntityType with FQCN
  • 9bd9978: [Yaml] always restore the error handler in tests
  • 095ebbe: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed the antialiasing of the toolbar text

3.0 changelog:

  • a14bcc6: [HttpFoundation] removed unnecessary PHP version check for sessions

Master changelog:

  • 74ffd6b: [Yaml] marked the Inline class as internal
  • 45caae4: [Ldap] fixed CS and hardened some code
  • e837b34: [Ldap] added write support for the Ldap component
  • 3e9c268: [Yaml] deprecated starting plain scalars with % characters
  • 0acca48: [Cache] added FilesystemAdapter
  • ff87f30: [Form] deprecated support for Traversable in method ResizeFormListener::PreSubmit

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