A week of symfony #478 (22-28 February 2016)

This week Symfony fixed lots of minor issues related to the Form component. In addition, a DX issue was fixed to make it optional to define the alias option when creating custom validation constraints. Lastly, the Serializer component added a new normalizer that supports JsonSerializable objects.

Symfony development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • be30748: [HttpFoundation] fixed BinaryFileResponse incorrect behavior with if-range header
  • 9124c28: use dedicate assert methods for PHPUnit tests
  • 0807ff7: validated XLIFF translation files
  • 4b33fd3: [DependencyInjection] replaced alias in factory services
  • a7fee12: [FrameworkBundle] fixed constraint validator alias being required
  • 3961412: [Console] fixed escaping of trailing backslashes
  • d0cac39: [DomCrawler] fixed ChoiceFormField of type "select" could be "disabled"

2.7 changelog:

  • 24cdae7: [WebProfilerBundle] use SVG icons in Twig profiler panel
  • 3eac469: [Form] fixed choice value "false" in ChoiceType
  • 8f918e5: [Form] refactored RadioListMapper::mapDataToForm()

2.8 changelog:

  • cc9f6b0: [DependencyInjection] simplified code in AutowirePass
  • dcd4d2e: [Form] fixed some regression in tests with placeholder in AbstractLayout
  • 1f33be2: [Form] fixed FQCN in tests added

3.0 changelog:

  • 4e253da: [FrameworkBundle] disabled the assets helper when assets are disabled
  • c93df16: [HttpFoundation] removed @throws from ParameterBag::get() PHPDoc

Master changelog:

  • 66a64ae: [DependencyInjection] improved autowiring error messages
  • 2f8f9d4: [Serializer] added normalizer / denormalizer awarness
  • 9d48b0f: [FrameworkBundle] registered the DataUriNormalizer
  • 2c6905e: [FrameworkBundle] registered the DateTimeNormalizer
  • db07500: [Serializer] added a normalizer that support JsonSerializable objects
  • 0eaf329: [Ldap] added environment-based Ldap server configuration for tests
  • aa770e1: [FrameworkBundle] added support for autowiring Doctrine\Common\Annotations\Reader
  • c2d1c02: [PropertyInfo] used last version of reflection docblock
  • 48f05ec: [PropertyAccess] throw an InvalidArgumentException when the type do not match

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