A week of symfony #479 (29 February - 6 March 2016)

This week Symfony showed a very strong development activity. Lots of bugs were fixed and some reported regressions were addressed. Meanwhile, the Console component helpers started using stderr to output its contents and tables displayed in commands now allow to set column widths explicitly. In addition, the DateTime Validator constraint added a "format" option to validate date/times using custom formats and the Symfony Profiler started showing security voters information in the security panel.

Symfony development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • afa4d52: [Monolog Bridge] WebProcessor now forwards the client IP
  • 94a8736: [HttpKernel] added support for variadic controller params
  • 81b59b9: [Yaml] ensure dump indentation to be greather than zero
  • 36cb46a: [Filesystem] fixed deleting broken symlinks
  • 2e9e83e: [Filesystem] used backslashes for symlinks on Windows systems
  • 59362a9: [Form] added 'guid' to list of exception to filter out
  • 9a4bf1e: [Filesystem] reduced complexity of ->remove()
  • 5b577dd: [DomCrawler] don't use LIBXML_PARSEHUGE by default (for security reasons)
  • 154eac7: [HttpKernel] removed _path from query parameters when fragment is a subrequest
  • eee9bfb: [FrameworkBundle] fixed a regression in handling absolute template paths
  • 37569be: [TwigBundle] improved the error message when a template is not found
  • 9a5ea71: [Serializer] allowed to normalize \Traversable when serializing XML
  • ce60be5: [Console] default to stderr in the console helpers
  • 5bbe951: [HttpFoundation] automatically generate safe fallback filename
  • d2e5c4c: [Debug] use constant instead of function call

2.7 changelog:

  • df4cc40: [Twig Bridge] improved Bootstrap form theme for hidden fields
  • d6a189b: [Form] prefer placeholder to empty_value in ChoiceType
  • 46d1d24: [DoctrineBridge] fixed performance regression in EntityType
  • eee9bfb: [FrameworkBundle] fixed a regression in handling absolute template paths
  • 9d58ad9: [WebProfilerBundle] improved error reporting in router panel of web profiler
  • aab2783: [DependencyInjection] improved the error message when using "@" in a decorated service

2.8 changelog:

  • bd588a3: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed design issue in profiler when having errors in forms

Master changelog:

  • 41b2612: [PropertyInfo] fixed a BC break when the DocBlock is empty
  • 813e61a: [Validator] added a format option to the DateTime constrain
  • b8a08ef: [Yaml] added an option to dump multi line strings as scalar blocks
  • 7351168: [Console] added non-auto column width functionality
  • 20362f7: [WebProfilerBundle] improved the logger panel when the log context is very long
  • 5d6a6b3: [Security Guard] added a new TargetPathTrait to get/set the authentication "target_path"
  • bcf0e91: [FrameworkBundle] use canBeEnabled() instead of canBeUnset() for consistency
  • 5c34ae4: [FrameworkBundle] added Levenshtein suggesters to AbstractConfigCommand
  • 0e5ac97: [FrameworkBundle] added a json() shortcut method to base controller to make it easy to return json
  • 5ebecca: [WebProfilerBundle] showed more information in the security profiler
  • b868feb: [Cache] count cache hits/misses in ProxyAdapter

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A week of symfony #479 (29 February - 6 March 2016) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-479-29-february-6-march-2016

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