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A week of symfony #487 (25 April - 1 May 2016)

This week Symfony published 2.3.40 and 2.7.12 maintenance versions and unveiled its new documentation search engine. Meanwhile, in the Symfony ecosystem, Silex added support for the Guard security component and Swiftmailer fixed lots of issues. Lastly, the SymfonyLive Cologne 2016 conference was held with great success.

Symfony development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • fcf5e27: [DependencyInjection] fixed ambiguous services schema

2.7 changelog:

  • 4aca703: [FrameworkBundle] removed duplicated code in ContainerDebugCommand
  • a8c10ac: [Form] fixed BC break with pre selection of choices with ChoiceType and its children

2.8 changelog:

  • f146f84: [Console] fixed wrong exceptions being thrown

3.0 changelog:

  • e2180e3: [Form] fixed some recently added tests

Master changelog:

  • 84b48de: [Cache] fixed expiration handling in ArrayAdapter
  • caffb9b: [FrameworkBundle] added optional logger to cache pools
  • f2228d5: [FrameworkBundle, Serializer] fixed a deprecation triggered by the ClassMetadataFactory
  • f146f84: [Console] fixed wrong exceptions being thrown
  • 50f2529: [Form] let TextType implement DataTransformerInterface
  • 0c5b83a: [Form, DoctrineBridge] optimized LazyChoiceList and DoctrineChoiceLoader
  • cc8c5b5: [SecurityBundle] fixed DebugAccessDecisionManager config
  • 89b6bb8: [HttpKernel] tweaked redirection profiling in RequestDataCollector
  • 90e577c: [LDAP] check whether an entry attribute exists
  • ae1baac: [Cache] don't use Redis connection when not required
  • 2f562c8: [DoctrineBridge] deprecated MergeDoctrineCollectionListener::onBind()
  • 1ab5be7: [Security] updated the error message of an AuthenticationEntryPointInterface

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • b1748ef: [ExpressionParser] forbid true, false, null and none keywords for variables names

Silex development highlights

Master changelog:

  • bade8a0: added support for the Guard component to the SecurityServiceProvider

SwiftMailer development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 9417399: fixed properties not declared explicitly
  • 897344e: fixed PHP mail extra params on missing reversePath
  • 92e55b2: convert encryption protocol value to lower case
  • 5ccc255: added support for iso-8859-15 encoding
  • 2488d02: consecutive read calls in Swift_ByteStream_FileByteStream should have the same behaviour
  • 742847c: retry sending messages in the memory spool before aborting in case of transport failure
  • a21b144: adjustments for handling an IPv6 socket
  • 13d4a53: readded empty __construct() calls as they are needed internally
  • bf40b56: fixed random string generation when cloning a message

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A week of symfony #487 (25 April - 1 May 2016)

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