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A week of symfony #489 (9-15 May 2016)

This week the first beta of Symfony 3.1 was published in preparation for its release in two weeks. Meanwhile, four maintenance versions were released to address some security issues. In addition, the fourth Symfony Docs Hack Day was announced for next week.

Symfony development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • ff93b17: [Security] limited the maximum length of a submitted username
  • f8f624b: [Form] modified iterator_to_array's 2nd parameter to false in ViolationMapper
  • 93938be: [Finder] improved SplFileInfo doc on iterator methods so that IDE will known it
  • f999e77: [Console] prevented fatal error when calling Command::getHelper without helperSet
  • c02eee0: [HttpFoundation] added HTTP 421 to the list of stauts codes

2.7 changelog:

  • 17e2911: [DependencyInjection] suggest ExpressionLanguage in composer.json
  • 928c1d6: [FrameworkBundle] prevent calling get() for service_container service
  • 7e59c71: [Debug] fixed fatal error handlers on PHP 7
  • 921f615: [Asset] added a test for StaticVerionStrategy
  • 8648fe2: [Console] adjusted width of cells with colspans
  • dd33721: [Twig Bridge] deletee 'control-group' class in Bootstrap 3 theme

2.8 changelog:

  • 6f48b4b: [Ldap] fixed issue with blank password with LDAP

Master changelog:

  • 918eb27: [Ldap] added the possibility to configure all available LDAP options for connection
  • ea9d6e7: [Yaml] allowed using _ in some numeric notations

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