A week of symfony #490 (16-22 May 2016)

This week Symfony development activity slowed down in preparation of the imminent release of the 3.1 version. Meanwhile, the fourth Symfony Docs Hack Day took place with great success. Lastly, Silex 2.0 was finally released after two years of development.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 20d694e: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed CORS ajax security issues
  • 2731787: [FrameworkBundle] use levenshtein level for better Bundle matching
  • 95bb8bb: [FrameworkBundle] fixed server status command when port has been omitted

2.8 changelog:

  • 39a18cd: [DependencyInjection] made Autowiring exceptions more future friendly

3.0 changelog:

  • 2484087: [Console] removed methods that were needed for PHP 5.3
  • 5c3962e: [Validator] added support for DateTimeImmutable
  • 7bdd50c: [DependencyInjection] avoid generating call_user_func in more cases

3.1 changelog:

  • fce062a: [Cache] renamed nonce to version

Newest issues and pull requests

Silex development highlights

Master changelog:

  • ff0d791: added the possibility to register forms as services
  • 4643214: allowed callables for mount
  • cb2f361, 8ecd0f0: added a flag to disable the Monolog error handler
  • 42bda7b: modified the order in which the form extension is registered

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