A week of symfony #499 (18-24 July 2016)

This week Symfony added forward compatibility with the upcoming PHP 7.1 version, which will trigger notices on previously silent implicit type changes. The master version also added an option to the translation:update command to filter by the translation domain. Lastly, the SymfonyLive London 2016 schedule was revealed and the SymfonyCon Berlin 2016 schedule was partially unveiled.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 28029a2: [Doctrine Bridge] fixed the DBAL session handler version check for PostgreSQL
  • 37cd583, 37b299b: fixed PHP 7.1 related issues

2.8 changelog:

  • 00ab2d6: [EventDispatcher] added class existence check if is_subclass_of() fails in compiler passes

Master changelog:

  • 56c7206: [FrameworkBundle] allowed to specify a domain when updating translations
  • 583a45d: [ClassLoader] added ClassCollectionLoader::inline() to generate inlined-classes files

Newest issues and pull requests

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