A week of symfony #514 (31 October - 6 November 2016)

This week, Symfony continued merging the last new features before the Symfony 3.2 final release at the end of this month. A new firewall config class was introduced and integrated into the Symfony profiler. In addition, the autowiring setter injection support was reverted to make it more robust and add it back in Symfony 3.3.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 620ea20: [Form] fixed UrlType transforms valid protocols
  • 16b29a1: [SecurityBundle] changed encoder configuration example to bcrypt
  • 74e65e1: [Console] fixed infinite loop on missing input
  • f37ac13: [HttpFoundation] fixed memcache session handler

2.8 changelog:

  • 779a6df: [Console] simplified code related to outputting lines with the same length
  • 8fd9721: [WebProfilerBundle] improved the design of the metrics in the profiler

3.1 changelog:

  • 031f4c2: [SecurityBundle] fixed term width in UserPasswordEncoderCommandTest
  • 172d0a4: [Yaml] set arguments depending on the PHP version

Master changelog:

  • bf91eda: [DependencyInjection] reverted the setter injection support for autowiring
  • a257cb5: [Yaml] fixed string offset cast error in Inline parser
  • 34e5613: [HttpKernel] base DataCollector throws warning on unsupported scheme strings
  • 904e90b, 706d925, 48ff2bd, fc557db: [SecurityBundle] introduced a FirewallConfig class accessible from FirewallContext
  • f747fff, 4459598, 3625a6e, a559036: [SecurityBundle] integrated current firewall in Profiler
  • 9e2ad93: [DependencyInjection] fixed INI file values conversion
  • 79259aa: [DependencyInjection] added missing deprecation in ContainerBuilder::addCompilerPass
  • 5bd3a00: [DependencyInjection, Serializer] added missing deprecations
  • 2dd77a6: [Monolog Bridge] added and wired a DebugProcessor

Newest issues and pull requests

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