A week of symfony #515 (7-13 November 2016)

This week, the upcoming Symfony 3.2 version focused on the Workflow component, which added support for State Machines and many other minor tweaks and improvements. Meanwhile, Twig showed a frenetic development activity, adding "is defined" support for blocks and constants, improving the performance of getAttribute() and adding a new 'with' tag.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • fd1ee25: [HttpFoundation] avoid implicit null to array conversion in request matcher
  • 40dc73a: prefer getSourceContext() over getSource() for Twig templates
  • d6e9287: [FrameworkBundle] workaround for getFallbackLocales in TranslationDebug command
  • 3594877: [Translation] fixed nested fallback catalogue using multiple locales
  • edf5d71: [Form] fixed Date\TimeType marked as invalid on request with single_text and zero seconds

3.1 changelog:

  • a524ba5: [Cache] made directory hashing case insensitive
  • 75e0046: [Serializer] fixed DataUriNormalizer's regex
  • c4989c5: [FrameworkBundle] register the ArrayDenormalizer

Master changelog:

  • a6ea24e, c6b664c: [Workflow] made the Workflow support State Machines
  • 61b1334: [Workflow] added Definition builder
  • eb14981: [Workfow] renamed current MarkingStore
  • ae73f70: [DependencyInjection] force env params to be string|null
  • e493a1b: [Workflow] set the marking then announce enabled transition
  • f8fb91b, e269ca5: [Workflow] removed private Definition::addPlaces and Definition builder
  • 62533f3: [FrameworkBundle] add --no-prefix option to translation:update

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • b37db3b: Load templates from cache, even if they have just been compiled
  • 81a174f: enhanced performance of Template::getAttribute()
  • fc53b5a: added a proper error message when block() is called without arguments
  • 0d6581b: added 'is defined' support for block()
  • 1c2bec9: added 'is defined' support for constant
  • 02b084e: added support for a custom template on the block() function
  • aa2ca14: added a 'with' tag
  • 827d8e7: added support for PHP 7 null coalescing operator

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