A week of symfony #532 (6-12 March 2017)

This week, the Symfony community proposed another massive optimization for the Routing component matcher as well as support for anonymous services in Yaml config files. In addition, we published the Symfony Community Survey 2017 where you can help us shape the future of the Symfony project.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • ec134c7: [HttpKernel] fixed Kernel name when stored in a directory starting with a number
  • 3effed8: [Security] hardening user provider handling in context listener
  • c91db73, fda2472: [Filesystem] preserved existing file permissions in dumpFile()
  • 641092f: [Form] added back support for choice type int values

2.8 changelog:

  • d1cadf0: [VarDumper] added missing isset() checks in some casters

3.2 changelog:

  • eae7695: [Form] fixed overridden choices option in extended choice types
  • 3265ed4: [Cache] fixed Redis pipelining/multi-ops
  • d3c55c5: [Yaml] dumped escape sequences when possible
  • ce0fda6: [Workflow] fixed marking state on leave and enter events
  • 24f36b6: [PropertyAccess] use ArrayAdapter in debug mode

Master changelog:

  • abeb86b: [Config] added a castToArray() config helper
  • a42cf1b: [Monolog Bridge] enhanced the Console Handler
  • 7048fd6: [HttpKernel] allow signing URIs with a custom query string parameter
  • 7638f6e: [Form] added helper method to register form extensions during unit testing
  • 323529c: [Yaml] deprecate implicit string casting of mapping keys
  • fe995a3: [FrameworkBundle] fixed autoloader in insulated clients
  • 64f9f7b: [FrameworkBundle] added missing resource tracking for validation mapping
  • b77d97a: [DependencyInjection] handle void return types in closure-proxy
  • b385ef1: [FrameworkBundle, Workflow] added a way to enable the AuditTrail Logger
  • aaa1437: [Workflow] added fluent interface to the DefinitionBuilder

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 261c4ec: add error message when calling parent() in a block that doesn't exist

They talked about us

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"added support for anonymous services in Yaml config files"

This is currently only a proposal ;) it's not merged yet.
@Sebastian I've reworded the text to make this more clear. Thanks!

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