A week of symfony #534 (20-26 March 2017)

This week, Symfony introduced a new Lock component, added explicit service locators, improved the performance of the route matching,introduced a new AbstractController to replace ControllerTrait, reverted getter injection and continued improving autowiring.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 2ba564d: [DependencyInjection] changed error message of a non existing file
  • 35e66ae: [HttpKernel] fixed bug with purging of HTTPS URLs
  • 8ba279b: [Security] added option to return true in the method isRememberMeRequested
  • bca4778: [Serializer] ignored XML Process Instructions
  • ad95227: [Validator] added object handling of invalid constraints in composite
  • d562cac: [HttpFoundation] fixed Request::getHost() when having several hosts in X_FORWARDED_HOST
  • e8653b9: [HttpFoundation] fixed pathinfo calculation for requests starting with a question mark
  • 3aa7658: [Validator] fixed URL validator to detect non supported chars according to RFC 3986
  • a6b20d1: [Security] fixed roles serialization on token from user object
  • 2606c48: [HttpFoundation] always initialize $bags
  • da0b520: [Filesystem] normalized paths before making them relative

2.8 changelog:

  • 8371dea: [HttpFoundation] fixed missing handling of for/host/proto info from Forwarded header
  • e3d90db: [HttpFoundation] ensure that Responses always have a Date, as required by RFC 2616

3.2 changelog:

  • ece42c5: [WebProfilerBundle] handled Content-Security-Policy-Report-Only header correctly
  • 74a1cc3: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed Content-Security-Policy compatibility in case of a "style-src 'self'" policy
  • b1bfbcc: [FrameworkBundle] cache pool clear command requires at least 1 pool

Master changelog:

  • 6643fe2: [DependencyInjection] restored skipping logic when autowiring getters
  • a96a997: [HttpKernel] deprecated the special SYMFONY__ environment variables
  • 4c0006a: [DependencyInjection] added logging and better failure recovery to AutowirePass
  • 7f7b897: added autowiring aliases for common services
  • 3495b35: [FrameworkBundle] deprecated cache:clear with warmup
  • daac6c2: [Yaml] fixed error handling on INI file parsing
  • a4a4166: [FrameworkBundle] made the Translator work with any PSR-11 container
  • 1cb9afd: [TwigBridge] handled form label attributes like others
  • d378947: [FrameworkBundle] added project directory default for installing assets
  • 6327b41: [WebProfilerBundle] improved AJAX toolbar panel
  • 858af71: [Lock] Create a new Lock component
  • c97407e: [Console] excluded empty namespaces in text descriptor
  • 7b60064: [DependencyInjection] deprecated Container::isFrozen and introduce isCompiled
  • 065bf48: [FrameworkBundle] added option to register a circular_reference_handler in Serializer
  • f99dfb0: [DependencyInjection] added explicit service locators
  • 940c29a: [Routing] Optimized dumped matcher
  • 5dcef29: [FrameworkBundle] added a new "about" command
  • 343490c: [HttpFoundation] added $trustedHeaderSet arg to Request::setTrustedProxies()
  • 4599afe: [Console] Added an option to disable stty
  • 9761b44: [Security] JSON auth listener should not produce a 500 response on bad request format
  • 59dd752: [Cache] added CacheItem::getPreviousTags()
  • 0a17358: [Console] sort alternatives alphabetically when a command is not found
  • 6a1f5d4: [WebProfilerBundle] improved the Cookie information
  • 1635a6a: [Security] enhanced automatic logout URL generation
  • 0a5998d: [FrameworkBundle] added a new "controller.service_arguments" tag to inject services into actions
  • ba4d6bc: [Console] add console.ERROR event and deprecate console.EXCEPTION
  • ce067a3: [Form, Validator] added ability check if cocrete constraint fails
  • db8d87d: [Twig Bridge] added a simpler way to retrieve flash messages
  • 2dfd136: [DependencyInjection] added hints to exceptions thrown by AutowiringPass
  • eda821a: [WebProfilerBundle] improved the Cache panel
  • 8901c7e: [Asset] added a new version strategy that reads from a manifest JSON file
  • 3306dc2: [FrameworkBundle] introduced AbstractController to replace ControllerTrait
  • 9896f86: [DependencyInjection] reverted getter injection
  • 6cc9dc7: [DependencyInjection] added by-id autowiring: a side-effect free variant of it based on the class<>id convention

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • f8d4c09: made "length" filter and "empty" test consider __toString

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