A week of symfony #542 (15-21 May 2017)

This week, Symfony activity was intense: HHVM support was dropped, Symfony 4 bumped its minimum requirement to PHP 7.1, Symfony 3.3.0 RC1 was released, and the 3.3 and 3.4 branches were created in the repository. In addition, it was announced that SymfonyCon 2017 conference will take place in Cluj (Romania) on November 16-18.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • c4abc15: [Intl] updated ICU data to 59.1

2.8 changelog:

  • 80e2e1f: [WebProfilerBundle] improved how profiler errors are displayed on small screens

3.2 changelog:

  • 401c550: [FrameworkBundle] removed Security deps from the require section

3.3 changelog:

  • 03914e9: [Process] fixed incorrectly calling PHP process when path contains space
  • 649ad8c: [WebServerBundle] use as the server log command host default
  • 159f3c5: [MonologBridge] fixed the Monolog ServerLogHandler from hanging on Windows

3.4 changelog:

  • 27852a0: allowed individual bridges, bundles and components to be used with 4.0

Master changelog:

  • 15b7cdb: bumped minimum version to PHP 7.1 for Symfony 4
  • 8514e22: [Serializer] removed deprecated DoctrineCache support
  • a91a7de: [Workflow] removed deprecated features
  • 79bc327: [Debug, VarDumper] removed the symfony_debug C extension
  • d25d340: [DependencyInjection] removed dead code with PHP 7+
  • 5ed9cb3: removed BC layers for ControllerResolver::getArguments()
  • da61abd: [ExpressionLanguage] removed deprecated features

Newest issues and pull requests

SwiftMailer development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 772b15b: update to PHPUnit 6 and php7 only
  • 7745581: Improved and updated docs
  • 375a15d: added Swift_Transport::ping()
  • 341960e: added support for private key passprases
  • 5e58f2e: dependency-inject local-domain into AbstractSmtpTransport
  • 74e20ce: prepared the 6.0.0 release
  • fb4800d: migrated to PHP 7

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