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A week of symfony #57 (28 january -> 3 february 2008)

This week, development activity has been focused on sfConfiguration, the last new component of Symfony 1.1. The new configuration mechanism implies lots of changes in many of the framework's files but promises an important number of improvements.

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Development highlights

  • r7201: [1.1] made sfFileLogger more flexible (added format, time_format, and type options)
  • r7210: [1.1] adding a test for leapyear handling, and adding a test to check for invalid dates
  • r7211, r7215: [1.1] improvement to exception thrown when calling non-existant method on the user object
  • r7243: [1.1] moved symfony core autoloading in its own class (first commit for sfConfiguration)
  • r7247: [1.1] moved all autoload classes to lib/autoload
  • r7249: [1.1] removed data/sql, and lib/model from the skeleton
  • r7254: [1.0] fixed phpdoc for logger
  • r7273: [1.1] fix regex to match generic syntax for absoluteURI scheme as per RFC3986
  • r7275: [1.1] fixed sfFormPropel constructor signature
  • r7276: [1.1] moved i18n data files to lib/i18n
  • r7291: [1.1] modified default templates to always use the included layout
  • r7292: [1.1] changed symfony.php CLI to use sfCoreAutoload
  • r7294: [1.1] moved data/data files to data/bin and lib/exception/data
  • r7296: [1.1] moved data/skeleton to lib/task/generator/skeleton
  • r7297: [1.1] moved data/web/errors/error500.php to lib/exception/data/error500.php
  • r7298: [1.1] moved data/config to lib/config/config
  • Updated dwhittle branch: merged propel changes to branch + fixed propel i18n, fixed propel:dump-data for propel 1.3 + tweaked to use sfYaml, upgrade prototype ( and scriptaculous (1.8.1), removed obsolete requires, tweaked glob error (glob can return false and cause warning in foreach),
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 109 changesets, 20 defects created, 5 defects closed, 6 enhancements created, 1 enhancement closed, 2 documentation defects created, 1 documentation defect closed and 10 documentation edits.



  • New plugins
    • sfPropelImpersonatorPlugin: removes all your bad thought about propel, to make you think about anything is doable with it. If you ever found a limitation to propel, maybe it could be worth trying this plugin
  • Updated plugins
    • sfLucenePlugin: released 0.1.3 version (sfLuceneCriteria constructor now requires sfLucene instance, fixed sfLucene throws a notice and returns incorrect search results with UTF8 search query, possible fix for accented characters), added the ability to specify an environment in pake tasks, [1.1] fixing Zend_Search_Lucene external, added ability to specify "highlight_qs" in the app.yml file so that routing will work correctly
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: added extjs_escape_json_string to ExtJsHelper to escape string the same way json_encode does, added in config option to the columnmodel for setting the class on the column fields, reverted inArray in ExtjsHelper and added option for app.yml file to set combo_box_class to ux.ComboBoxAutoLoad
    • sfJobQueuePlugin: fixed bug when killing the job queue manager, comply with production security policy on servers, added validation on job queues and jobs creation, added the possibility to run a job directly from the graphical interface, removed the useless sfJobhandlerInterface, improved jobs status visualization from the graphical interface, added logging capacities to the plugin, create BaseActions classes in order to ease plugin override
    • sfAmazonS3FSPlugin: modified way buckets are emptied
    • sfDoctrinePlugin: added doctrine-build-all-reload-test-all task
    • sfDoctrineNestedSetManagerPlugin: reduce the db calls
    • sfGuardDoctrinePlugin: change syntax in schema, update schema trunk and branch (add actas Timestampable plugin, remove created_at and updated_ad columns and implement short column size syntax)
    • sfExtjs2Plugin: changed directory structure
    • ddAccessibleFormPlugin: used the YUI aggregate js
    • sfFormExtraPlugin: added a sfFormLanguage form, updated package.xml and README, added a ReCaptcha validator and widget

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A week of symfony #57 (28 january -> 3 february 2008)

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