A week of symfony #576 (8-14 January 2018)

This week, Symfony announced the end of Silex, the end of the Symfony Standard Edition and the end of the Symfony Installer because Symfony 4 makes them unnecessary. In addition, we explained our next steps for the Symfony diversity initiative.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • f2d687a: [Security] fail gracefully if the security token cannot be unserialized from the session
  • fad59b3: [Serializer] fixed throwing exception with option JSON_PARTIAL_OUTPUT_ON_ERROR
  • f35a7b5: [HttpKernel] turn bad hosts into 400 instead of 500
  • 2a9915e: [FrameworkBundle] added the missing "enabled" session attribute
  • ae8b5a7: [Validator] updated credit card validator to support VISA cards with 19 digits
  • 3c4b34f: [Debug] prevent infinite loop with faulty exception handlers

3.3 changelog:

  • 7085569: [FrameworkBundle] fixed using "annotations.cached_reader" in after-removing passes
  • 63a303d: [PhpUnit Bridge] don't right trim the deprecation message

3.4 changelog:

  • 5f05774: [HttpKernel] used cookies to track the requests redirection
  • eac7e19: [HttpKernel] fixed compile error when a legacy container is fresh again
  • 93755ab: [HttpFoundation] always call proxied handler::destroy() in StrictSessionHandler
  • 8ab89ce: [HttpKernel] added tests for request collector and cookie redirection
  • 0cbd417: [HttpKernel] fixed session handling decoupling "save" from setting response "private"

Master changelog:

  • 445ce1d: [Validator] added option to pass custom values to Expression validator
  • a97f8b7: [FrameworkBundle] added cache.app.simple psr simple cache

Newest issues and pull requests

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