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A week of symfony #580 (5-11 February 2018)

This week, the upcoming Symfony 4.1 version added support for immutable dates in forms, added new output formats for the workflow:dump command and added support for hasser methods in PropertyInfo. In addition, work continued to make Symfony builds reproducible and to improve the Routing performance.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 12447d9: [Form] keep the context when validating forms
  • f7d9701: [Console] fixed hasParameterOption / getParameterOption when used with multiple flags

3.4 changelog:

  • d068954: [PropertyInfo] fixed PhpDocExtractor::getTypes() throws fatal error when type omitted
  • b1bf41a: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed sub request link
  • abb9132: [TwigBundle] register TwigBridge extensions first

Master changelog:

  • 4e97b97: [TwigBundle] deprecated "false" in favor of "kernel.debug" as default value of "strict_variable"
  • c557327: [HttpFoundation] added support for getting default values in Accept headers
  • 5f0c279: [Validator] added "canonicalize" option for Locale validator
  • dfa7bb4: [Serializer] fixed security issue on CsvEncoder about CSV injection
  • 0c128f8: [Workflow] added PlantUML dumper to workflow:dump command
  • ec89ac8: [Form] added support for \DateTimeImmutable objects
  • 101a795: always show all deprecations except legacy ones when not weak
  • c44a894: [Console] improve Table performance
  • 89d1b65: [PropertyInfo] added hassers for accessors prefixes
  • f6d7419: [Workflow] remove constraints on transition/place name and updated Dumper

Newest issues and pull requests

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