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A week of symfony #582 (19-25 February 2018)

This week, development activity was focused on finishing some of the new features for the upcoming Symfony 4.1 version: added support for 307 and 308 HTTP redirections, allowed writing prepared console commands, added support for configuring Argon2i encryption and deprecated the bundle notation.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 781c64c: [Filesystem] improved the documentation of the mirror() method
  • 862e347: cleaned calls to http_build_query()
  • cb53f4c: [WebProfilerBundle] added a way to limit ajax request

3.4 changelog:

  • b3c7ba7: [HttpKernel] send new session cookie from AbstractTestSessionListener after session invalidation
  • dfd93da: [FrameworkBundle] fixed using annotation_reader in compiler pass to inject configured cache provider
  • 297ae74: [HttpFoundation] added support for URL-like DSNs for the PdoSessionHandler
  • ddc32e3: [PropertyInfo] give a chance in ReflectionExtractor to other extractors if no properties
  • 349f704: [FrameworkBundle] added missing XML config for circular_reference_handler
  • 743129f: [Twig Bridge] fixed custom radios/inputs for checkbox/radio type
  • 4183e93: documented the container.autowiring.strict_mode option
  • 2610da7: [Translation] process multiple segments within a single unit
  • 51c20fc: [WebProfilerBundle] updated the default excluded_ajax_paths value

Master changelog:

  • b1f45b3: [Routing] fixed same-prefix aggregation
  • 3aa59b6: [FrameworkBundle] added support to 307/308 HTTP status codes in RedirectController
  • 3303355: [Serializer] deserialize as a null when inner object cannot be created and type hint allows null
  • 81e19e8: [Serializer] added a context key to return always as collection for XmlEncoder
  • e043478: [Serializer] added a constructor arguement to return CSV always as collection
  • 1364089: [Process] allowed writing portable "prepared" command lines
  • 74cea1d: [PropertyInfo] added support for extracting type from constructor
  • 17d1054: [BrowserKit] added a way to switch to ajax for one request
  • 3cb5619: [Serializer] added a MaxDepth handler
  • dac7357: [MonologBridge] allowed to change level format in ConsoleFormatter
  • a347f46: [Validator] deprecated use of Locale validation constraint without setting "canonicalize" option to true
  • 2711d14: [Security] added configuration for Argon2i encryption
  • 6651087: deprecated the bundle:controller:action and service:method notation
  • cf045c0: [Routing] fixed suffix aggregation
  • 7b8934b: [Console] added option to automatically run suggested command if there is only 1 alternative
  • 2610da7: [Translation] process multiple segments within a single unit
  • 8e207cd: [Routing] prevented some double match of hosts
  • be1a3b4: [Routing] redirect from trailing slash to no-slash when possible
  • dc56a83: [FrameworkBundle] fixed lowest supported Serializer version

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