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A week of symfony #586 (19-25 March 2018)

This week Symfony focused on finishing important features before the Symfony 4.1 feature freeze starts next week: introduced a new Messenger component, internationalized routing, inlined routing config, transition blockers for workflows, allow to define multiple sections in Console output and added a server to collect VarDumper dumps. In addition, we updated the status of our diversity initiative.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 567cbaa: [Debug] reset previous exception handler earlier to prevent infinite loop
  • bd49884: [BrowserKit] fixed cookie path handling when $domain is null
  • 7753282: [Security] added userChecker to SimpleAuthenticationProvider
  • 7323372: [Config] handle nullable node name
  • a1be12e: [TwigBridge] allow HTML5 compatible rendering of forms with null names
  • 25c2f91: [Finder] fixed leading and trailing slashes in filename
  • 2349e97: [Form] no type errors with invalid submitted data types

3.4 changelog:

  • d818636: [DependencyInjection] added tests for EnvVarProcessor
  • ba2e6ed: [DependencyInjection] fix regression when extending the Container class without a constructor
  • 7ae5292: [Security] display the original expression in the access decision log panel
  • 7753282: [Security] added userChecker to SimpleAuthenticationProvider
  • 28f4662: [FrameworkBundle] respect debug mode when warm up annotations
  • 2faaf11: [WebProfilerBundle] used the router to resolve file links
  • 723d26f: [DependencyInjection] don't tell about autoregistration in strict autowiring mode
  • 1ad4596: [Routing] fixed the importing of files using glob patterns that match multiple resources

4.0 changelog:

  • 07512bb: [DependencyInjection] cleanup remainings from autoregistration

Master changelog:

  • b2fafc6: [Routing] implemented internationalized routing
  • e32c1da: [Routing] fixed name-prefixing when using PHP DSL
  • 0f9246f: [Routing] allowed inline definition of requirements and defaults
  • b79f29e: [Routing] remove capturing groups from requirements to avoid breaking the merged regex
  • 4cc8cf6: [Console] made ProgressBar::setMaxSteps public
  • 1fffb85: [BrowserKit] transform both switchToXHR() and removeXhr() to xmlHttpRequest()
  • a5dbc68: [Console] modify console output and print multiple modifyable sections
  • 5605d2f: [Workflow] added transition blockers
  • d4bfbb8: [DependencyInjection] autowire the inner service when decorating services
  • a1b1a44: [FrameworkBundle, TwigBridge] made csrf_token() usable without forms
  • 14ab56e: [FrameworkBundle] added the ability to search a route in debug:router command
  • 07a2f6c: [Workflow] added a MetadataStore to fetch some metadata
  • 7262c59: [Routing] allow no-slash root on imported routes
  • bbeca51: [Serializer] ignore comments when decoding XML
  • 61da487: [DependencyInjection] deprecate TypedReference::canBeAutoregistered() and getRequiringClass()
  • 7eae6af: [SecurityBundle] added an alias from RoleHierarchyInterface to security.role_hierarchy
  • acf49e9: [Serializer] added a ConstraintViolationListNormalizer
  • e157ded: [Messenger] added a new Messenger component
  • 4bbdf06: [VarDumper] introduced a new way to collect dumps through a server dumper
  • d5a55a5: [Workflow] added a TransitionException

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Nice to see, that symfony moving faster and faster!!!! Keep it up!!

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