A week of symfony #590 (16-22 April 2018)

This week, Symfony improved the performance of the Cache component inlining some function calls and simplified the usage of the new Messenger component allowing to omit the sender tag name and to use the adapter name instead of the service name. In addition, we added a new dd() helper which is useful when you can't or don't want to use a debugger.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • a3af3d3: [Form] fixed trimming choice values
  • d17d38d: [HttpKernel] fix that ESI/SSI processing can turn a private response public
  • b0410d4: [HttpFoundation] don't assume that file binary exists on *nix OS

3.4 changelog:

  • baeb1bf: [TwigBundle] fixed rendering exception stack traces
  • 8f2132f: [Routing] fixed loading multiple class annotations for invokable classes
  • 2a52963: [Console] fixed PSR exception context key
  • e984546: [TwigBundle] fixed formatting arguments in plaintext format
  • bf871f4: [Cache] inline some hot function calls
  • 09d1a2b: [TwigBridge] fixed PercentType error rendering in Bootstrap 4 theme
  • 733e813: [DoctrineBridge] fixed bug when indexBy is meta key in PropertyInfo\DoctrineExtractor

Master changelog:

  • 7e4de96: [Messenger] use the adapter name instead of the service name
  • d2f8df8: [Config] fix the valid placeholder types for variable node
  • 4af9003: [Messenger] allow sender tag name omission
  • fe19931: [Messenger] allow to configure the transport
  • 4429c9b: [Messenger] allow disabling the auto-setup of the AmqpExt connection
  • a59d0f6: [VarDumper] added dd() helper
  • 8c4fd12: [Security] made security.providers optional
  • 3450e47: [TwigBundle] do not normalize array keys in twig globals
  • 028e1e5: Declare type for arguments of anonymous functions
  • 1b1bbd4: [HttpKernel] Added support for timings in ArgumentValueResolvers
  • 306c599: [DependencyInjection] allow autoconfigured calls in PHP
  • d0db387: [HttpKernel] split logs on different sub-requests in LoggerDataCollector
  • 833909b: [DependencyInjection] hide service ids that start with a dot
  • 2ceef59: [Form] added choice_translation_locale option for Intl choice types
  • 9cb1f14: [BrowserKit] allow to bypass HTTP header information
  • cbc2376: [HttpFoundation] added a HeaderUtils class

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