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A week of symfony #592 (30 April - 6 May 2018)

This week Symfony introduced new polyfills for PHP 7.3 and Ctype and started using the Ctype polyfill in Symfony's code. In addition, we made the Symfony command exceptions more concise and introduced a new Serializer interface to enable caching support. Lastly, the German Symfony community celebrated the SymfonyLive Phantasialand 2018 conference with great success.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 222fef4: [Form] fixed instance variable phpdoc in FormRegistry class
  • 6ca520f: use symfony/polyfill-ctype

3.4 changelog:

  • 7242b4c: [PHPUnitBridge] add an implementation just for PHP 7.0
  • 45fd7f8: [DependencyInjection] don't throw error for unused service missing parent class in ResolveBindingsPass
  • 100348a: [FrameworkBundle] use the correct service id for CachePoolPruneCommand in its compiler pass
  • 7bbadf5: [Doctrine Bridge] fixed priority for doctrine event listeners
  • 278f40f: [Console] hide the short exception trace line from exception messages in Symfony commands
  • 5aaa0d7: [Cache] fixed logic for fetching tag versions on TagAwareAdapter

Master changelog:

  • 5a5b925: [Workflow] use clear() instead of reset()
  • 295eaed: [HttpFoundation] renamed some HeaderUtils methods
  • 74aa515: [Messenger] late collect and clone messages
  • daf7ac0: [Messenger] reset traceable buses
  • 50fd769: [Serializer] add ->hasCacheableSupportsMethod() to CacheableSupportsMethodInterface
  • 47da23c: [Messenger] renamed Adapters to Transports
  • d9c3831: [Messenger] added a new time limit receiver

Newest issues and pull requests

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A week of symfony #592 (30 April - 6 May 2018)

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