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A week of symfony #594 (14-20 May 2018)

This week, we continued polishing Symfony 4.1 before its stable release in two weeks. Our focus was on the Messenger component, which gained a ChainSender to implement multiple senders and also added support for middleware factories in config. Meanwhile, the work on Symfony 4.2 has already started and we added support for meta refresh in the BrowserKit component. Lastly, the dates for the SymfonyCon 2018 conference in Lisbon (Portugal) were announced for December 6th to 8th.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 15b03a8: [Filesystem] fixed usages of error_get_last()
  • 30ffb61: [Debug] fixed populating error_get_last() for handled silent errors
  • d7d4e41: [Profiler] removed propel & event_listener_loading category identifiers
  • 974050f: [Session] limited :key for GET_LOCK to 64 chars
  • b7feafc: [Process] suppress warnings when open_basedir is non-empty
  • 15a7bbd: [Security] fixed logout
  • e98ce72: [FrameworkBundle] disallowed invalid characters in
  • 05d69bb: [Form] fixed precision of MoneyToLocalizedStringTransformer divisions on transform()
  • 1c520a9: [Security] do not mock the session in token storage tests

3.4 changelog:

  • 10a2d39: [DependencyInjection] shared services should not be inlined in non-shared ones
  • 2a10cc6: [HttpKernel] fixed dealing with self/parent in ArgumentMetadataFactory
  • 5327957: [PropertyInfo] fixed resolving parent|self type hints
  • c280f8a: [DependencyInjection] allowed defining bindings on ChildDefinition
  • 4f9d907: [DependencyInjection] resolve array env vars
  • 81cef4b: [Validator] use strict type in URL validator

4.1 changelog:

  • 5f0e2d6: [HttpKernel] fixed services are no longer injected into __invoke controllers method
  • f59ce97: [Messenger] middleware factories support in config
  • f1967aa: [Messenger] implemented several senders using a ChainSender
  • 160c97e: [Messenger] select alternatives on missing receiver arg or typo
  • 20cc065: [Routing] fixed adding name prefix to canonical route names

Master changelog:

  • 5b41c79: [BrowserKit] added support for meta refresh
  • ca050f6: [LDAP] added "applyOperations" method to EntryManager
  • 4f4c172: [DependencyInjection] fine tuned dumped factories

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