A Week of Symfony #610 (3-9 September 2018)

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This week, the upcoming Symfony 4.2 version merged lots of new features in preparation for its "feature freeze" at the end of this month: a new intl formatter for the Translation component, SameSite cookie support, a new PDO-based lock store and the Messenger component was made final.

Symfony development highlights

2.8 changelog:

  • cf359c2: [HttpKernel, FrameworkBundle] fixed escaping of serialized payloads passed to test clients
  • e7d325f: [TwigBundle] removed cache warmers when Twig cache is disabled
  • a159638: [FileValidator] format file size in validation message according to binaryFormat option

3.4 changelog:

  • edbd869: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed wrong url when base path is the index
  • 8851c14: [DependencyInjection] fixed dumping some complex service graphs
  • eaeb124: [TwigBundle] fixed caching of templates in default path on cache warmup
  • ae59908: Updated .editorconfig
  • 5e237db: [DependencyInjection] configure inlined services before injecting them when dumping the container

4.1 changelog:

  • 824dbbd: [Workflow] made sure we do not run the next transition on an updated state

Master changelog:

  • 59fad59: [Contracts] added Translation\TranslatorInterface + decoupled symfony/validator from symfony/translation
  • 19e5218: [FrameworkBundle] don't populate fallback cache on warmup
  • cabbf51: [VarExporter] optimized dumped code in time and space
  • baad332: [Translation] added intl message formatter
  • 2738d00: [Process] added relative path support for PHP_BINARY env var of PhpExecutableFinder
  • 7be3bb2: added SameSite cookies to FrameWorkBundle
  • b91effa: [FrameworkBundle] changed default output to xlf in TranslationUpdate
  • 5a63f19: [Messenger] used Symfony Serializer by default for envelope items
  • 8cf28e6: [FrameworkBundle] added class description to debug:container command
  • a37bca4: [VarDumper] added a new env var to select the dump format
  • 9ad492f: [FrameworkBundle] allowed user to specify folder for flock
  • 86f54f3: [Serializer] allowed to access extra infos in name converters
  • bc419fa: [Form, OptionsResolver] showed deprecated options definition on debug:form command
  • 4401f2f: [PropertyInfo] added an extractor to guess if a property is initializable
  • 8f5229f: [Dotenv] added a new method to override env vars
  • 78ecaf3: [Lock] added a PdoStore
  • 7c394e3: mark ExceptionInterfaces throwable
  • 25ca59d: [Contracts] added traits+interfaces from the DI component
  • c3fd60d: [Console] added support for cutting formatted text
  • e54dd4e: [TwigBridge] added template "name" argument to debug:twig command to find their paths
  • 0bd1f75: [DependencyInjection] forward Container::reset() to services implementing ResetInterface
  • 150e3e1: [VarDumper] fixed an issue with first time dump() method call not working
  • f2f4cd8: [Messenger] added interfaces to be type-hinted even when not using a Container
  • 88a2af5: [Validator] deprecated validating DateTimeInterface in Date|Time|DateTime constraints
  • f6b4dc9: [HttpKernel, Profiler] added arg value resolver category in performances panel
  • 9af885c: [Messenger] added a simple serializer
  • cd39b51: [Messenger, Profiler] added a trace for the middleware execution
  • e980ce4: [Messenger] added a SenderLocator decoupled from ContainerInterface
  • 1f996f4: [Messenger] removed the experimental annotations
  • f3c3c0b: [VarExporter] fixed exporting instances of final classes that extend internal ones

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