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A Week of Symfony #621 (19-25 November 2018)

This week Symfony focused on fixing the last issues found in the upcoming Symfony 4.2 version, which will be released in two weeks. We also improved the way to handle .env files in Symfony apps. Lastly, we announced discounts to save up to 30% in some Symfony services and a new SymfonyLive conference in Lille (France) in 2019.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 21 pull requests were merged (18 in code and 3 in docs) and 20 issues were closed. Excluding merges, 16 authors made 565 additions and 202 deletions. See details for code and docs.

2.8 changelog:

  • e4a7fd8: [HttpFoundation] fixed trailing space for mime-type with parameters

3.4 changelog:

  • b74a086: [FrameworkBundle] deal with explicitly enabled workflow nodes
  • e166d96: [PhpUnit Bridge] used Composer to download phpunit
  • d0698b2: [Form] fixed empty data for compound date interval
  • 73d9804: [DependencyInjection] fixed taking lazy services into account when dumping the container
  • ab51fa8: [Cache] fixed optimizing Psr6Cache for AdapterInterface pools
  • 812a878: [Routing] removed duplicate schemes and methods for invokable controllers
  • 0f2d577: [HttpFoundation] fixed absolute Request URI with default port
  • 7f310b4: [Dotenv] properly parse backslashes in unquoted env vars

Master changelog:

  • 227cf2c: [Messenger] added a trait for synchronous query & command buses
  • 4c1e8bd: [HttpKernel, WebProfilerBundle] get the cached client mime type instead of guessing it again
  • f9414a8: [Lock] fixed PdoStore::putOffExpiration() and PdoStore::getHashedKey()

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