A week of symfony #68 (14->20 april 2008)

Symfony 1.1 development continues with more than 130 changesets and the last refactorizations before its fourth beta. During this week symfony-related blogging and plugin development activity have also been remarkable.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r8444, r8445: [1.0, 1.1] fixed web debug toolbar in safari
  • r8450: [1.1] fixed plugin loading (they were required once, but must be required as we can have several applications in the same script and because it is the way symfony 1.0 deal with plugin initialization)
  • r8451: [1.1] added confirm option to link_to_function
  • r8452: [1.1] added help message to i18n:find + added layouts as templates to look for i18n strings
  • r8453: [1.1] added logic to i18n:find to also find strings in PHP code
  • r8454: [1.1] added an error message when a request throws an unexpected exception
  • r8460: [1.1] cleanup format functional tests to have a better example on how to customize them
  • r8462: [1.1] added isUserCulture() and isRequestFormat() method to sfTestBrowser
  • r8463: [1.1] fixed form translation when not using i18n with an object as a parameter
  • r8464: [1.1] fixed exception problem when an exception occurs when parsing a URL
  • r8465: [1.1] fixed stuff so that you can have 2 different configuration in one single script
  • r8480: [1.0] removed array casting to be 5.0 compatible
  • r8481: [1.1] cli.php does not send the system status code
  • r8483: [1.1] added some helpers to ease the use of dynamic javascripts and stylesheets (actions with a sf_format of sf or css)
  • r8484: [1.1] fixed form generation when a primary/foreign keys is a string
  • r8485: [1.1] changed the sfFormField::renderRow() signature to be able to add HTML attributes, change the label and the help message
  • r8489: [1.1] fixed embedded mapping in sequence bug in YAML parser
  • r8491: [1.1] simplified configuration management in tasks
  • r8495: [1.1] fixed sfTestBrowser doesn't play nicely when it is instantiated more than once in one test
  • r8497: [1.1] fixed content_type setting in view.yml is ignored
  • r8506: [1.1] fixed MySQL session storage
  • r8508: [1.1] changed form field name to only use PHP names (converted to the underscore notation) instead of column names
  • r8512: [1.1] forced all generated for classes to be under form/ even when the Propel schema package is not lib.model
  • r8513: [1.1] renamed sfGenerateTaskTask option names
  • r8514: [1.1] added validation for application/module/task names
  • r8525: [1.1] added a new validated_file_class option to sfValidatorFile
  • r8532: [1.1] added support for multi-array keys in sf*ParameterHolder::remove
  • r8535: [1.1] fixed file upload when used with a Propel form (added functional tests)
  • r8537: [1.1] added sfWebRequest ::getGetParameter() ::getPostParameter() and ::getUrlParmaeter() methods
  • r8550: [1.1] added a sfApplicationConfiguration::activate() method to pop/push sfConfig values when changing context
  • r8557: [1.1] fixed genUrl() to always take sf_relative_url_root setting into account when building a URL
  • r8562: [1.1] optimized sfCoreAutoload to not use dirname() for each included class
  • Updated dwhittle branch: removed sfCompatPlugin config_handlers.yml, changed sfLogger ::ERROR to ::ERR and ::CRITICAL to ::CRIT (to be pear / 1.1 compliant)
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 135 changesets, 36 defects created, 44 defects closed, 9 enhancements created, 8 enhancements closed, 3 documentation defects created, 2 documentation defects closed and 18 documentation edits.

Book and documentation


  • New Job Postings:
    • Symfony Developer (with knowledge in MySQL, OOP Design Patterns, XML, Ajax and other Web 2.0 technologies) @ saveNtrust GmbH - full-time based in Mönchengladbach, Germany - Contact: ml [at] sntt [dot] de
    • Web Developer / Applications Systems Analyst @ Keystone Energy Partners - Job Specification [PDF]
    • Freelance Symfony Developer @ MSDS - telecommute is ok, onsite is preferred in New York, NY, USA - Contact: freelance [at] ms-ds [dot] com


  • New plugins
  • Updated plugins
    • sfSearchPlugin: fixed some type-os + minor cleanup, implemented task system (symfony search:rebuild, symfony search:optimize, symfony search:describe), implemented primitive search module, reorganized generator.yml syntax and added check for xfForm, implemented pager, added xfRetortRoute, added xfIndexManager (simple mechanism to make indices singletons), finished implementing basic search interface
    • sfPropelActAsTaggableBehaviorPlugin: added "separator" option in the tag_list helper, fixes bug in taglist separator, improved preloadTags() performance
    • sfLucenePlugin: prepared sfLucene for sfSearch's task system, config.php file added to configure include_path, ->describe() method added to engine to dump useful information, added "nb_common_tags" option in getTaggings() that permit to find objects tagged with a certain number of tags within a set of tags, updated prefix for special meta fields for internal use, added xfLuceneEnhancedFilesystem to by-pass Zend_Search_Lucene permission limitations
    • sfSuperCachePlugin: fixed a fatal error in clear-cache handler, clear super cache only if configured
    • sfAdvancedAdminGeneratorPlugin: added support for sorting on foreign key
    • sfPropelActAsSluggableBehaviorPlugin: updated character replacement map for cleaner slugs
    • sfContactFormPlugin: updated documentation
    • sfPropel13Plugin: removed the revision freeze for the svn:externals to Propel 1.3 which breaks things
    • sfDynamicCMSPlugin: improved documentation about routing & url
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: fix for tinyMCE-field allowing to not have a statusbar, added ajax-powered edit-buttons/actions, temporary fix to find id by setting it in the form as parameter 'key'
    • sfDoctrinePlugin: create fixtures directory if it doesn't exist and a no filename was provided, upgrading svn external to Doctrine 0.11 branch
    • sfPropelFinderPlugin: fixed problem in a particular join case
    • ckWebServicePlugin: corrected mistake in README the task name is wsdl-build not build-wsdl
    • sfErrorLoggerPlugin: fixed package file for 1.1,
    • sfExtjs2Plugin: added Ext.form.Hidden

Some new symfony powered websites

  • photohito: (japanese) online photo sharing site
  • EVENTS:review: (english) news on the UK Events Industry: event news, conference venues and services, exhibitions venues and services
  • petizioni.tiscali: (italian) create and/or sign your petition
  • fictionthis.com: (english) unique social site that allows you to share ideas and have unbiased input into creating a published work of quality fiction
  • Find&GoSeek: (english) enables users to search for Vermont activities, events, and places for families and kids

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