A week of symfony #70 (28 april -> 4 may 2008)

This week, symfony 1.0 branch has fixed several bugs, while symfony 1.1 branch continues polishing some features with bugfixes and refactorings. Among plugins, development activity has been focused on Doctrine. The plugin sfDoctrine for symfony 1.1 now has all the features of the bundled plugin sfPropelPlugin. In fact, sfDoctrinePlugin has even more features such as migrations, DQL, inheritance and additional admin generator features.

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Development highlights

  • r8651: [1.0] corrected checking for Eaccelerator in sfProcessCache
  • r8652: [1.1] fixed sfPropelData to dump an empty FK instead of tablename_ when the fk is null (or empty)
  • r8664: [1.0] made sfMySQLSessionStorage more robust by using SQL date functions and no longer injecting php timestamps
  • r8665: [1.1] refactored sfMySQLSessionStorage and added sfMySQLiSessionStorage
  • r8680, r8681: [1.0, 1.1] fixed display of last index. therefore setPage should accept 0 as valid page
  • r8695, r8697: [1.0, 1.1] made sfFillInForm work with checkbox arrays as well like checkbox_many[]
  • r8696: [1.1] added HTML attributes argument to sfForm::render()
  • r8698: [1.1] added an exception when trying to retrieve a non existant sfEvent parameter (to ease debugging)
  • r8699, r8700: [1.0, 1.1] added compat options to propel database
  • r8702: [1.1] fixed sfAutoload::autoloadAgain() to only flush the autoload cache once per request
  • r8707, r8708: [1.0, 1.1] fixed ajax response fillin, which does not include a doctype because it is returned without layout
  • r8709, r8710: [1.0, 1.1] fillin now handles array notations like correctly
  • r8716, r8717: [1.0, 1.1] patched sfFillInForm so that in html mode it adds a content-type meta if non present so that dom->loadHTML works correctly
  • r8720: [1.0] fixed url validation bug
  • r8746: [tools] fixed lime tests broken + is_deeply() missing some cases
  • r8754, r8755: [1.0] validation yml with fillin is used even without other validators defined in the file
  • r8756: [1.1] added the possibility to pass HTML attributes for each field when rendering a form or a widget schema
  • r8761, r8762: [1.0, 1.1] fixed sfGeneratorConfigHandler bug when /modules/ is part of the project path
  • r8763, r8764: [1.0, 1.1] fixed DateHelper distance_of_time_in_words() generates incorrect output for some dates
  • r8767: [1.1] changed sfFinder to return the symlink path instead of the real path
  • r8768: [1.1] fixed rendering partials multiple times, messing up parameters
  • r8769: [1.1] removed Propel fix in MapBuilder as the bug has been fixed upstream
  • Updated dwhittle branch: removed unused 'use_security' in web debug toolbar
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 123 changesets, 38 defects created, 50 defects closed, 10 enhancements created, 7 enhancements closed, 3 documentation defects created, 5 documentation defects closed and 4 documentation edits.

Book and documentation


  • New Job Postings:
    • Symfony Developer @ MalaPronta.com - full-time based in Curitiba, Brazil - Contact: rh [at] malapronta [dot] com [dot] br
  • New developers for hire:
    • Oliver Stocks ([email protected]): professional PHP developer / Project manager with over 6 years of experience. My latest symfony projects have been for the Ministry of Education in France and the French "Invest in France" agency. I am currently in France (paris) and billingual in French and English. I'm specially into Web 2.0 projects


  • New plugins
    • sfInstantCMSPlugin: creates editable regions on a page with ease. Enables you to quickly create a custom CMS without writing a single line of database related code. This plugin was inspired by the Zope application server.
    • sfSyncClusterPlugin: introduces a symfony sync-cluster task. This task is intended as a replacement for the symfony sync task. The plugin is backwards-compatible with symfony sync (they even use the same configuration files) but offers several advantages: synchronizes a symfony application across an unlimited number of servers, clears the symfony cache on each server, allows you to use ssh public/private keyfile authentication so you won't be prompted for a password during long deployments.
    • Initial entry of sfHighlightPlugin
  • Updated plugins
    • sfSitemap2Plugin: minor bugfix
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: initial implementation for the loading of data for the edit-pages, implemented datastores for drop-down-comboboxes, implemented saving
    • sfPropelNotificationPlugin: updated svn layout, added setBeforeSave() and getBeforeSave() methods to public API, fixed some documentation quirks, deprecated schema.xml, notification logic methods are now passed the watch instance as second parameter
    • sfPhpExcelPlugin: update PHPExcel version to 1.6.1, update package.xml
    • sfDoctrinePlugin: cleanup and fixing issue with query logging, updated syntax for 0.11 api change which removes some methods, creating tag for sfDoctrinePlugin 1.0 version which is compatible with the 1.x versions of symfony, initial entry of port from form/widget code from sfPropelPlugin in symfony 1.1 for sfDoctrinePlugin 1.1, some Doctrine-related fixes, finishing port from sfPropelPlugin, fix to build-schema and build-model, fixes to form and admin generator
    • sfDynamicCMSPlugin: fixed typo
    • sfDoctrineCSAdminThemePlugin: added flash holder in header and css, added branches, updates for sf1.1
    • sfSwiftPlugin: move swift external to 3.3.3
    • sfCryptographpPlugin: added info about FreeType and GD, replaced Cryptographp library link to 'real' site, changed name of config file as it was incorrect, added app.yml configuration example with default plugin settings
    • sfOpenSocialPlugin: minor fixes
    • sfGuardDoctrinePlugin: reverting to fresh port from sfGuardPlugin, fixed validator, fixing tasks, improved code documentation
    • sfAdvancedAdminGeneratorPlugin: added 1.1.0 support, fixed package.xml, removed delete action in create
    • ckWebServicePlugin: added folder for symfony 1.0 and 1.1 compatible plugin branches
    • sfTinyMCEConfigPlugin: fixed typo in settings.yml
    • sfReCaptchaPlugin: released 1.0.4 version, load the reCAPTCHA library in a helper rather than in the action

Some new symfony powered websites

  • Movie2B: (english) a movie reviews site. Links to downloads provided
  • Exterminate It!: (english) Smart antispyware solution with personalized approach
  • Filip Itoito: (english) image gallery and portfolio of polish photographer
  • regex tool: (english) a regex tool that validated your patterns on the fly using AJAX

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A week of symfony #70 (28 april -> 4 may 2008) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-70-28-april-4-may-2008

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