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A Week of Symfony #712 (17-23 August 2020)

This week, more than 100 pull requests were merged across the board to fix bugs and merge new features. The upcoming Symfony 5.2 version added support for pseudo-localization, Mailer and Notifier components added compatibility with new third-party services and a new build/ directory was added to separate it from the cache directory. In addition, the Symfony 5 book added new languages.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 72 pull requests were merged (56 in code and 16 in docs) and 48 issues were closed (45 in code and 3 in docs). Excluding merges, 40 authors made 4,774 additions and 790 deletions. See details for code and docs.

3.4 changelog:

  • 2abf876: [ExpressionLanguage] fixed passing arguments to call_user_func_array() on PHP 8
  • 86310de: [Cache] fixed expected exception message on PHP 8
  • 9720061: [Validator] updated Polish translation
  • c48b1d3: [Validator] updated Lithuanian translation

4.4 changelog:

  • 9d995bd: [FrameworkBundle] added missing mailer transports in xsd
  • df3ab76: [Messenger] do not stack retry stamp
  • 66b9fef: [Serializer] fixed configuration of the cache key
  • 7f7b447: [Serializer] fixed getMappedObjectType() when a discriminator child extends another one
  • 5cbb019: [Mailer] fixed envelope recipients on sendgridApiTransport
  • 3c270fb: [Mailer] reorder headers used to determine Sender
  • 1f4c616: [Mailer] fixed mandrill api header structure
  • 8f64d70: [Messenger] stop using the deprecated schema synchronizer API

5.1 changelog:

  • c426abe: [Lock] MongoDbStore handle duplicate querystring keys in mongodb uri when stripping
  • 679cc4d: [PropertyInfo] fixed ReflectionExtractor
  • 3c270fb: [Mailer] reorder headers used to determine Sender
  • dd19056: [Notifier] fixed base_uri while call auth/time API
  • af91bf8: [Mailer] support reply-to in SesApiAsyncAwsTransport
  • 8f64d70: [Messenger] stop using the deprecated schema synchronizer API

Master changelog:

  • 779303a: [Serializer] fixed Mime message serialization
  • fe5021e: [Messenger] fixed BC layer for stamps moved into separate packages
  • 09ff501: [Security] verify if the password field is null
  • 14c9d05: [Notifier] added LinkedIn provider
  • 7974f2a: [Mailer] added Mailjet bridge
  • 6539a0f: [BrowserKit] cast all Request parameter values to string
  • 27d84db: [Translation] added a pseudo localization translator
  • d6980e5: [PropertyAccess] allow to disable magic __get & __set
  • dd19056: [Notifier] fixed base_uri while call auth/time API
  • 890f8f0: [Mailer] properly format Cc and Bcc for Mailjet API
  • e98fdc7: [HttpKernel] added $kernel->getBuildDir() to separate it from the cache directory
  • a80dbc5: improved toolbar toggler accessibility
  • 28ede1f: [FrameworkBundle] properly choose the best mailer message logger listener
  • d4c8be7: improved link script with rollback when using symlink
  • f1d1514: [Mailer] added support for Amazon SES ConfigurationSetName
  • c281867: [HttpFoundation] added support for X_FORWARDED_PREFIX header

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