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A Week of Symfony #756 (21-27 June 2021)

This week of Symfony blog post is backed by SensioLabs. As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs supports companies using Symfony, with an offering encompassing consultancy, expertise, services, training, and technical assistance to ensure the success of web application development projects.

This week, Symfony development activity focused on fixing bugs across its entire codebase. Meanwhile, the ephemeral Symfony online store announced that it will close at the end of the month. Don't miss this last opportunity to get your official Symfony swag!

Symfony development highlights

This week, 52 pull requests were merged (49 in code and 3 in docs) and 77 issues were closed (72 in code and 5 in docs). See details for code and docs.

4.4 changelog:

  • 6a4dcde: [HttpFoundation] allow savePath of NativeFileSessionHandler to be null
  • f0bb3ca: [WebLink] fix types on Link::withAttribute()
  • 8a32526: [PhpUnitBridge] fix handling the COMPOSER_BINARY env var when using simple-phpunit
  • 8445564: [DependencyInjection] throw proper exception when decorating a synthetic service
  • 124ecf0: [FrameworkBundle] replace var_export with VarExporter to use array short syntax in secrets list files
  • 4bbd76d: [HttpKernel, HttpCache] keep s-maxage=0 from ESI sub-responses
  • 34c3cf4: [Mailer] fix encoding of addresses using SmtpTransport
  • 54a9780: [Cache] disable locking on Windows by default
  • c7cd08a: [Cache] fix eventual consistency when using RedisTagAwareAdapter with a cluster
  • 52ca881: [Cache] handle prefixed redis connections when clearing pools
  • 08b1682: [DependencyInjection] fix binding "iterable $foo" when using the PHP-DSL
  • 79a87cb: [Config] fix tracking default values that reference the parent class
  • b62881c: [DependencyInjection] fix accepted types on FactoryTrait::factory()
  • ef06f33: [DependencyInjection] add support of PHP enumerations
  • d35c47b: [HttpClient] fix Psr18Client when allow_url_fopen=0
  • 119b3ec: [ErrorHandler] fix handling buffered SilencedErrorContext
  • 396bdcc: [HttpKernel] keep max lifetime also when part of the responses don't set it
  • a9e6087: updated English and French translations
  • a3d2666: updated Russian translations
  • ae7eb59: updated Czech translations
  • 8488fb7: updated Lithuania translations
  • a1c17f0, 349a700: updated Portuguese translations
  • db15863: updated Polish translations
  • c1e0c60: updated Armenian translations

5.2 changelog:

  • 53c06ea: [Messenger] prevent reflection usages when classes do not exist
  • 46befa8: [Notifier] do not use static::class for final messages
  • e1b81e3: [Twig Bridge] avoid broken action URL in text notification mail
  • 67c3ffa: [Uid] fix fromString() with low base58 values

5.3 changelog:

  • 19cd5b4: [PasswordHasher] UserPasswordHasher only calls getSalt when method exists
  • 8dfdd89: [Security] implement fluent interface on RememberMeBadge::disable()
  • 2230cfd: [Security] fix special char used to create cache key
  • a8849cf: [Security] fix references to CheckRememberMeConditionsListener in doc blocks
  • 34c3cf4: [Mailer] fix encoding of addresses using SmtpTransport
  • 1a535ba: [DependencyInjection] accept service locator definitions with no class
  • 7244596: [Runtime] fix project dir variable when vendor not in project root

5.4 changelog:

  • 25c9bd3: [WebProfilerBundle] improve the light/dark theme switching
  • 8c04ea5: [FrameworkBundle] add commented base64 version of secrets' keys
  • 80304ea: [Notifier] improve the error on email channel sender
  • 2b82469: [TwigBridge] add encore_entry_*_tags() to UndefinedCallableHandler as no-op
  • 3aaa491: [HttpClient] add default base_uri to MockHttpClient
  • 2fb272e: [Notifier] add Telnyx notifier bridge
  • fa120c0: [Notifier] add options to Microsoft Teams notifier
  • 8a8d2a6: [Uid] prevent double validation in Uuid::fromString() with base32 values
  • 396bdcc: [HttpKernel] keep max lifetime also when part of the responses don't set it

6.0 changelog:

  • fab38b5: remove code for old libxml versions

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